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0018389MediaMonkey 5Extensions frameworkpublic2022-01-14 22:38
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.3Fixed in Version5.0.3 
Summary0018389: Modified default addons are overwritten on re-install
DescriptionMM5 pre-installs bunch of addons like lyricsSources, caseChecker, spotify, etc. etc.

But currently if one customizes e.g. caseChecker addon and increases its version in /scripts/caseChecker/info.json
then such a modifications are overwritten by the original sources on MM5 re-install.

MM5 should overwrite it only when the version is higher than the current version of the addon.
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Fixed in build2601


related to 0018726 closedLudek No way to install addons per user (as in MM4) 



2022-01-08 20:29

developer   ~0066589

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Note that for regular installs (non-portable) this issue will be superceded by 0018726
where addon versions installed to user's AppData folder will be preferred over the default addons in MM install folder.

Maybe we could do the same for the Portable installs, i.e. to have separate folder for the scripts/skins installed manually by users (separated from the default core addons and thus have all the core addons non-removable).

EDIT: For the Portable installs we could store the user installed scripts/skins/layouts to the Portable folder (to be separated from the core addons).


2022-01-10 22:51

developer   ~0066600

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Default paths for core addons:
[MM5 install folder]/scripts/
[MM5 install folder]/skins/
[MM5 install folder]/plugins/
[MM5 install folder]/layouts/

For user installed addons (portable version):
[MM5 install folder]/portable/scripts/
[MM5 install folder]/portable/skins/
[MM5 install folder]/portable/plugins/
[MM5 install folder]/portable/layouts/

For user installed addons (regular version):


2022-01-12 18:19

developer   ~0066607

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Implemented in 2601.

Please test this carefuly as there have been quite a lot of changes.
i.e. installing/uninstalling to various locations, configuration of scripts/plugins, whether icons are shown properly etc.

Test note: The install path can be viewed in the Addons dialog when hovering mouse over the addon's title:
image.png (37,992 bytes)   
image.png (37,992 bytes)