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0018181MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2022-04-20 07:49
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.4 
Summary0018181: Playback Rules: Crossfade handling improvement
DescriptionWe should improve crossfade playback rules by adding crossfade button right of disable crossfade and make it enabled if Disable crossfade is not enable.

- Dialog title would be Crossfade options
- Dialog content would be Advanced search
- Default option would be Length (seconds) > 30s (Maybe lower, but common ads and Jingles are not longer than 30s)
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Fixed in build


related to 0016938 closedmichal OUTPUT Plugin: ability to set consistent gaps between tracks 



2021-10-08 17:13

administrator   ~0065057

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What is the intent of this feature?
- Is it to give the users a shortcut to the Crossfade settings?
- Is to to allow for different Crossfade settings on a per Type basis (including the config within the dialog could give users the impression that Crossfade is per-Type)? And if so, how does this work when tracks are two different Types?


2021-10-09 22:41

developer   ~0065084

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It is just to add Crossfade option in Output so that Crossfade can be Auto disabled if criteria is met eg. if track length is less than 30s Do not crossfade next track.

I proposed existing UI of Advanced search for feature options so that user is familiar with UI, Less time to Dev and still give users ability to customize to its needs.

Default (Length <= 30s) is there to out of teh box help users that use MM for streaming and/or Radio shows where quick announcements, Radio Jingles, ADs, are inserted into Now playing and they are 99% less then 30s length, usually vocals and crossfade cuts part. Also some users prefer some music genre not to crossfade.

It is easy to add, no regression risk as it triggers only in playback not affecting Library or other MM features, but on the other side improves listenning experience and eliminates users complains on Crossfade cuts of end of track.