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0017624MediaMonkey 5Podcastspublic2021-03-03 23:48
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Target Version5.0.1 
Summary0017624: Podcast: Improved detection of podcast and RSS download
DescriptionDuring testing of 0017603 I have found out that and both Subscribe to podcast, but they subscribe differently (attached picture).

We should consider if normal HTML file is detected to append "/rss" and/or "/feed" to URL as in 99% of cases it will return RSS page of URL. (Tested on Many pages and various CMS platforms that have some sort of listing no matter if they are Podcasts or just news feeds, history, Blogs, ...)
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related to 0017603 closedLudek Podcasts: Some podcasts shows no Episodes 



2021-03-03 17:15


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bug17624.jpg (156,433 bytes)   


2021-03-03 18:39

developer   ~0062218

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Majority of mine podcasts have no /rss/ in the path, but rather .rss as extension, e.g.

We could maybe add a message/warning when the link is not a link to RSS feed, i.e. whenever it does not include <rss> element.
Something like: "The link %s is not valid RSS link, it may fail to subscribe correctly"

Assigned to Rusty for wording.


2021-03-03 23:48

developer   ~0062232

To elaborate .rss or .xml are direct links to RSS files /rss or /feed is common call to site plugins to generate .rss from URL

My proposition here is to do a test check if site response with .rss eg using supplied examples and you try to use /feed instead of /rss you will end on 404 page.

Just try on any podcast pages even there is no links to .rss and you will be surprised that in 85%+ it works.

If this simple test fail I agree that message is shown, but on many cases test will pass and you will end with .rss file format.