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0017482MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2021-04-15 00:00
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0017482: Rating applied to incorrect file
DescriptionNever seen this before, but MediaMonkey was in a state where:

In the Playing node a right click on a selection of files > Rating > 5 Stars applied the 5 star Rating to the Playing file (not in selection) instead of the selected files (which remained unchanged)
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Fixed in build2334


related to 0016663 closedmichal "My Rating" menu leaking issues 



2021-02-04 17:26

developer   ~0061717

I am not able to reproduce this and did not find anything suspicious in the log or code. Could you try to find repro steps?


2021-02-04 17:44

developer   ~0061718

Please try to replicate with 2303 -- there was a fix that could relate to this.


2021-02-04 22:10

developer   ~0061748

I have no idea how to replicate. It has only happened once so far.


2021-02-04 22:27

administrator   ~0061753

Unable to replicate.


2021-02-11 01:18

developer   ~0061871

Verified 2308

Unable to replicate.


2021-03-04 19:18

developer   ~0062249

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Experienced this again on 2316. Unfortunately DBGView wasn't running prior, but new log/screencast (a little past 0:55) in same place.


2021-04-09 15:41

developer   ~0062765

No longer seen


2021-04-09 21:09

developer   ~0062775

Seen again on 2333, log in same place.

Rating multiple selected Earth, Wind & Fire files rates the currently playing James Taylor - Something's Wrong file instead.


2021-04-10 18:53

developer   ~0062777

Note that this only affects Rating from the Context Menu, it can be a single file or multiple files that are selected, the Rating (once MM enters this state) is applied to the Playing file (not part of selection). Inline Rating is applied to the selected files, Properties are opened for the multiple selected files, multiple selected files are correctly added to Playlists.


2021-04-11 16:48

developer   ~0062780

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Reproduced with the hint from the last comment.
1) open My Rating submenu from tray icon context menu
2) any subsequent change from My Rating context menu in NP list changes rating only for currently playing track


2021-04-12 11:58

developer   ~0062784

Fixed in build 2334.


2021-04-15 00:00

developer   ~0062823

Verified 2334

Only way I was able to verify in prior version is using steps from 0017482:0062780. Unable to replicate in 2334