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0016501MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2020-04-07 22:03
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016501: Make Sleep/Equalizer more accessible
DescriptionAs mentioned at 0016470 item 4) by Ludek:

Since I'm not completely happy with keeping Equalizer and Sleep in the context menu, I came up with one more possible improvement: We could show More button ('...') next to the enabled right-side buttons. It would open a pop-up menu with all the currently invisible commands (like Stop, Equalizer, ...) and probably also Customize, that'd open the layout customization. So, the right side buttons could look like [Shuffle] [Repeat] [More].

Note that this is more touch-friendly approach (vs context menu) and also this way there wouldn't be complaints re. missing buttons (e.g. Stop).

Note that the More button ('...') itself could be hidden in Player Layout customization.

If implemented, we could further reduce the context menu to look like in MM4, keeping only the most relevant commands (tbd which ones).
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related to 0016470 closedmichal Player context menu is too busy 



2020-04-07 21:27

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Another possible approach would be to include Sleep within the 'Stop after' functionality. e.g.

Stop after >
(o) Off
( ) Current file
( ) Every file
( ) Time period...