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0016498MediaMonkey 5Synchronizationpublic2020-04-29 12:19
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Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016498: Podcasts/AudioBooks: Save Playlists for Podcasts and AudioBooks
DescriptionCurrently Unless Device specifically support Podcasts or user is using MMA there is no way to easily tracks podcasts on the devices.

Such device is Sony NW-A45/NW-A40 that sort podcasts Alphabetically as albums.

It would be good to be able to create Podcast playlist on device and update them on each sync.

According to user it would be satisfying to create Playlist with:
criteria = Accessible Podcast episodes -> Sort by Date Descending
Naming: For MMA using hierarchy "Podcasts\<Podcast>" and for non MMA devices use "<Podcast> (Podcast)" (eg. add "(Podcast)" Sufix to Playlist filename inside Playlists folder)

There is a space in Profiles -> Podcast UI to add checkbox to create Podcast Playlists

Currently only workaround is to Create "Podcasts" playlist and then under that playlist create Sub Playlists named "<Podcast> (Podcast)" with Criteria: Podcast -> Starts with -> <Podcast> -> Sort by Date Descending
Additional InformationRQE-623-11785 where Initial workaround idea found.
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2020-04-07 10:15

developer   ~0057508

Isn't the criteria
Accessible Podcast episodes -> Sort by Date Descending
the same as current:
Genre is Podcast -> Sort by Date Descending


2020-04-07 12:48

developer   ~0057511

No, as "Accessible Podcast episodes" refers to a single Podcast and genre podcast refers to all podcasts.

Playlists should be created per each podcast containing only accessible episodes from that podcast not others.


2020-04-07 19:53

developer   ~0057521

Last edited: 2020-04-07 19:59

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Then one can use "Podcast equals" condition:
It always shows only accessible (downloaded) episodes.

Or are you rahter suggesting that MM should auto-generate M3U playlists also for podcasts ?
i.e. something similar to Sync Profile > Also generate playlists for:
[ ] Selected artist nodes
[ ] Selected album nodes
[ ] Selected folder nodes

i.e. add
[ ] Selected podcast nodes


2020-04-17 11:31

developer   ~0057617

Yes, For each Podcast and Audio Book user ATM needs to create Auto Playlist Manually in order to sync and show them on Device.

I had another session with user that have issues and would like to use MM for syncing Podcasts and Audio Books. So I showed him how to create New AutoPlaylist using these steps.
We firstly created Two new Static Playlists (Audio Books and Podcasts) -> Then Under each we we creating Auto Playlist one by one:
Copy Name of Audio Book/Podcast from Tree -> Created new sub Auto playlist under root Playlist and used "<Podcastname> (Podcast)"/"<Audio Book Name> (Audio Book)" to name Playlist -> instead of "Equal" We used "Starts with" and pasted name of Podcast/Audio Book (It is easier than scrolling thru 100s of names -> Set Sort by (for Podcasts = Date Z..A, For Audio Books = Track#) And that handles that. But user needs to do that for 100+ Podcasts and Audio Books.

Yes, issue is in Automatic creation of podcast playlists for devices that do not support Podcasts and Audio Books natively.

He pointed out that it is hard for regular User to go to Device & Services -> ... -> Configure -> Options -> Playlists and enable "Selected podcast nodes" like you suggested.

Instead of he suggested to add option directly In Sync -> Device options for Podcasts and Audio Books (Attached pictures) where it would be clear that User can enable creation of playlists easily.

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