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0016147MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2020-10-25 13:58
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016147: Duplicate content functionality is incomplete
DescriptionGo to Music > Files to edit > Duplicate content

1) the node is empty and is missing the expand mark (like in MM4)
2) Upon clicking the expand mark in MM4 it shown dialog:
"X tracks in your library have not been analyzed for redundancy. Would you like to analyze them now (this takes a fair amount of time)?"
and the calc thread of signatures started.

This code has not been ported to MM5 at all yet.
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Fixed in build2219


related to 0016115 closedpetr Duplicate Titles is missing duplicates 
related to 0016154 newpetr Use audio fingerprints to detect duplicates 



2019-11-26 23:31

developer   ~0055508

While porting this I wonder whether we shouldn't rather use the AcoustID fingerprint signature that we already use for auto-tagging in MM5?


2019-11-27 09:06

developer   ~0055510

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Petr has already "partially" implemented this in course of 0016115 - item 3


2019-11-28 17:23

developer   ~0055534



2019-11-29 07:36

administrator   ~0055553

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Aside from the above (possible) issue, there's a minor bug re. the ""X tracks in your library have not been analyzed for redundancy. Would you like to analyze them now (this takes a fair amount of time)?" warning: if the user goes to Duplicate Content and clicks 'No' (in response to the dialog), then the dialog appears a second time.

Then 10 minutes later after navigating throughout the library, then searching for 'Don't think twice' and initiating playback
--> the dialog appeared again! Twice! (in fact it happens each time I initiate playback!)

EDIT: The dialog also appears each time I edit tracks (specifically 'lookup lyrics' via Art&Details).


2019-11-29 08:52

developer   ~0055556



2019-11-29 09:09

administrator   ~0055558

Per discussion with Petr, acoustid is currently only used when it's already calculated from Auto-Tag, in order to avoid the huge server traffic.

We could use acoustid algorithm locally to calculate audio signatures and compare tracks locally based on the values. However, nothing really important, just something to consider for MM5.1 or later.


2019-11-29 17:47

administrator   ~0055562

In build 2218, the dialog still opens twice upon visiting the 'Duplicate Content' node! The good news though is that it doesn't open when playing/tagging music.


2019-11-29 19:42

developer   ~0055564

Test note to replicate the second showing of the dialog: the Preview window needs to be set to the "Selected" mode (does not happen in the "Playing" mode, details sent to Petr over IM)


2019-11-29 20:56

developer   ~0055565



2020-10-25 13:58

developer   ~0059988

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