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0015927MediaMonkey 5Tracklistpublic2019-10-07 15:58
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015927: Issues with the Tree list control
Description1)a) Attempts to edit a playlist (click or F2) in the Tree list subview
--> The textbox appears in the wrong location (far to the left of the entry--mostly not visible)
1 b) The main tree control has a similar issue, though not as pronounced. Attempts to edit a playlist in the tree
--> The textbox doesn't appear in the position of the tree text (it gets moved to the left margin of the tree)
2) If the user attempts to edit the playlist (F2) from 1a) during playback
--> The textbox appears and then immediately closes
3) Sometimes selecting an entry in the Tree list subview causes a different entry to be selected. e.g.
1 Click Playlists node --> Playlists tree subview appears along with grid view
2 Click a playlist in the Grid view
3 Click a playlist in the Playlist Tree subview
--> A playlist other than the playlist that was clicked gets selected!!

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Fixed in build2203


related to 0014270 closedLudek In-place editing: positioning is incorrect 
related to 0015482 closedpetr Auto-tag: Lyrics issues 
related to 0015738 closedLudek Subview: Playlist tree doesn't work for the selected Playlist 



2019-09-13 14:04

developer   ~0054628

Last edited: 2019-09-13 14:28

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1) is half year old regression caused by fixing 0015482 (SVN revision 33052)


2019-09-13 14:22

developer   ~0054629

Last edited: 2019-09-13 14:28

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Item 1 is fixed in 2197


2019-09-16 16:00

developer   ~0054657

The rest is fixed in 2198


2019-09-20 12:37

administrator   ~0054738

Tested 2198, and most issues seem to be resolved. Except:
1a) Editing (F2) playlist names in the tree list subview works if the Playlist name doesn't extend beyond the right margin of the control. But if the Playlist name is long and extends beyond the right margin, then attempts to rename the playlist fail (the edit box appears to the left of the playlist and is about 3 pixels wide).

2)b) Verified 2a, but there's another variant of this problem that occurs even when playback is stopped.
1 Select a playlist in the Playlist tree subview
2 Click the playlist in order to rename it
--> Edit box appears as expected, but 1 in 5 times, the edit box will close by itself.
Note: This issue doesn't occur when pressing F2 to activate the edit box. Also, it doesn't occur in the regular tree (it's specific to the Playlist tree subview)


2019-09-23 10:08

developer   ~0054787

4) Tree can get to "edit" mode unexpectedly:
1) Click "Playlist A"
2) Click "Playlist B"
3) Click "Playlist A" again
=> it is in edit mode (like if user double-click "Playlist A" or press F2)


2019-09-25 11:26

developer   ~0054848

Last edited: 2019-10-01 16:38

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Item 4) fixed in 2202

Items 1a) & 2b) are fixed in 2203


2019-10-04 05:27

administrator   ~0054930

Verified all but the following in 2203:

1a) The textbox is now editable, but it's right-justified instead of left-justified (i.e. the text should not move when the textbox opens).