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0015713MediaMonkey 5Taggingpublic2019-10-10 12:49
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015713: Add support for multivalue in multiple MP4 atoms
DescriptionIt seems, some tagging applications (like dBpoweramp or MusicBee) use several identical atoms to store multiple values to M4A/MP4. I.e. for example three artists to three "©" atoms. We currently use only one such atom and multiple values are divided by semicolon. Our approach has advantage, that any application can read them, multiple identical atoms can handle only a few applications and e.g. File Explorer in Windows, WMP, Groove, iTunes, VLC, display only first value.
I think we could make compromise - read multiple values even from multiple identical atoms, and save them still only to one. So we need to remove other identical atoms during saving to avoid redundant values.
Additional InformationAXJ-201-40348
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Fixed in build2180


related to 0015714 closedmichal MediaMonkey (current) When M4A/MP4 file contains multiple artists in multiple tags, only last is read, but first written. 
related to 0016031 closedmichal MediaMonkey (current) DUnit tests fail on reading some tags from MP4 (regression 4.1.25) 



2019-06-04 13:03

developer   ~0053719

Fixed in build 2180. It is related to artist, album artist and composer fields. Other fields were not affected.


2019-06-04 14:44

developer   ~0053720

It will not be implemented for MMW4, but I changed logic, so we correctly work with first artist/album artist/composer tag there.


2019-06-06 23:46

developer   ~0053763

Verified current Implementation in MM5 2180

Left resolved till we get more user feedback and more tests are done in MM4.x 1886+


2019-07-09 00:53

developer   ~0054105

Re verified 2185 for regression and also confirmed change in 1886.