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0015051MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2022-01-16 03:08
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0015051: Native (DSP) plug-in support (e.g. Pitch/Tempo Control)
DescriptionIt is very common request that user wants to control playback pitch and tempo for podcasts and audiobooks in order to make them easier for listening

ATM the best Winamp DSP plugin to control is Slow me down, but we should add it as native function due the lag where plugin needs to be used with Wave Output and lower buffer or which is known to be less stable than Slow me down.

Implementation should cover:
1. Per Type defaults (eg. so that it can be set for Podcasts and audiobooks easily)
2. Track Properties (most likely along with implementation of #14056)
3. Directly in Player controls to have real-time change/control
4. According to changes to Pitch/Tempo Player should adjust correct playback time

EDIT: Peke has indicated that tests several years back showed that fixing DSP would break Crossfade and gapless, and winamp DSP addons break in many cases. In addition winamp plugins only support the Windows version and couldn't be used for MAC or Linux Versions in future. Multi Platform BASS engine also natively support Pitch/Tempo on all systems and this is something we should think post 5.0
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2019-01-11 16:34

administrator   ~0052041

Per Jiri's comment at #15241: Deferred to decide re. native DSP implementation for MM 5.1.