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0014214MMW 5DB / Backuppublic2023-06-28 21:15
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Summary0014214: Hierarchical genres implementation
DescriptionFor easier navigation in lots of genres, it might be useful to present Genre in a 2-level hierarchy, where the top level would be represented by the main genre categories (Rock, Pop, R&B, ...) and the 2nd level would be the actual genre. Note that a genre could easily belong to two categories (e.g. 'Jazz Rock' would be both in Jazz and in Rock).

1. Create new Genre Categories view, to be available in the Genre node.
  1b. So, user will be able to choose between the classical Genres view and the new Genre Categories view in the Genre node.
2. After clicking a Genre Category, navbar would be like 'Genres > Rock genres' and present the Genres within the 'Rock' category.
 2b. Or, user can change to another view which could e.g. present all the Albums in the 'Rock' category (ordinary Albums view applied to the particular genre - as already planned to be implemented)

11. We'd need a hard-coded list of genre-category relationships. It can be stored in the DB, for better transparency, but can be somewhere in our code as well.
  11b. We can use as a starting point for this list. We possibly could split some very broad categories and create e.g. Punk and Heavy Metal from Rock and possibly also make some more categories of the Electronic category. Anything not matched would be assigned to Other category.
12. Each genre would get a category assigned in the Genres table. Could be even a text column Category. This would be based on the hardcoded list above (11.). I don't think we need to give user a way how to edit this assignment, maybe an Addon would be created later.
  12b. This should be enough to be able to execute (fast) all the necessary queries to create the UI as proposed above.
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Fixed in build2066


related to 0020122 closedLudek Genre Categories Improvements 



2017-05-24 14:35

developer   ~0048025

Added in 2066


2017-06-06 22:37

developer   ~0048072

Last edited: 2017-06-06 22:38

3. Add "Genre tree" option like "Playlist tree" for playlist

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2017-08-09 17:11

administrator   ~0048499

3. I don't think it's needed, at least not until this functionality matures a bit. I'd consider adding 'Genre Family' option to Column Browser though, in order to be able to easily browse genres. The same for Filtering/Search/Auto-Playlists.


2023-05-12 12:56

developer   ~0071827

I don't think that 'Genre catgories' view is used much, so resolving as "no change required"...