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0013718MediaMonkey 5Generalpublic2021-10-20 18:34
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0013718: Casting: MMW Now playing behavior when MMW is renderer
DescriptionThere is few functionality design issues when MMW is used as renderer
1. When MMA Cast to MMW as renderer them whole Now playlist is cleared and only one tracks is shown in Now Playing and can't undo to regain whole playlist.

Expected behavior in case that MMW is used as renderer is:
MMW player Show Casting Info but no now playing is changed simply there would not be a focused now playing track eg. like you start playback of track and then delete it from now playing.

Instead Whole now playing list is deleted with out UNDO function meaning that any device that can access MMW renderer can accidentally delete thousands of tracks accidentally.

2. While MMW is renderer I would expect that player controls control MMA and not MMW player which due the point 1 most likely trigger 0013717 in MMA
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Fixed in build2043


has duplicate 0013717 closedpeke MediaMonkey for Android Playback Controls do not work 



2016-12-05 23:42

developer   ~0046405

Reassign back to me if you need video and exact repro steps


2016-12-06 13:02

developer   ~0046410

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1. You are right that the 'Undo' should work.
=> Fixed in 2043

Otherwise it is debatable which behaviour is preferable, but probably makes sense to keep the original NP list (as the NP list isn't managed by renderer anyway). On the other hand user can use 'undo' to see previously casted content to renderer. So I guess that both approaches have some advantages, but generally it is not a big deal.

2. I don't think so. For most (probably all) renderers that I have tried so far it is possible to stop music that is being casted to them.


2016-12-06 14:47

developer   ~0046412

You are right, I was not clear in steps to trigger behavior for 2.

Here is what I meant:
1. start casting from MMA to MMW NP is cleared and casting info from MMA show
2. Add few tracks to NP
3. press next in MMW

Expected MMA switch to next track but instead MMW starts to play next track from Playlist and MMA still showing Casting to MMW

regarding 1. I think that you have LG TV which can be used as test for Casting.
and if you cast from MMW to to LG TV then TV remote Controls MMW anot tv eg. if you use next it doesn't switch to next channel until you change source or stop casting same should happen in MMW. As MMW is used remotely as temp output source an user interaction should be needed to Automatically stop casting and return to Internal Player + NP as output. Maybe I'm wrong it is logical to me to work that way.
As example: I was listening to MMW and now playing and my wife came to me to listen new album she listen on her phone, we start casting to MMW and set phone down. I would like to be able to use player controls in MMW to navigate NP on MMA (prev/next/pause) and after I'm done simmply to double click on NP in MMW and switch back to Internal Player and my NP.


2016-12-06 15:21

developer   ~0046415

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I would suggest you to study UPnP/DLNA standards. There are three legs (control point, renderer, server). Only control point can control what is served from the server to the renderer. But in this case MMW acts as renderer. To do what you are thinking you need MMW to be the control point, i.e. right-click MMW player > Play to > MMA


2016-12-06 15:51

developer   ~0046417

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However there seems to be a trick how renderer can force the control point to advance into next track. The trick is to seek near end of the track.

We could possibly use it.

Renderer can control playback, but cannot control NP queue.
i.e. you can stop/pause/volume/seek on the renderer, but you cannot change the track. Control point changes the track (once it finds that it is ending).


2021-10-20 18:28

developer   ~0065359

As asked I have done further test and I have found that if MMA init Playback-> MM5 clears playlist and MM5 plays as Renderer as pointed in bug.

For now as a short term I would change Player tooltip to "Playing from <Device Name>", would do not clear NP but just Add Stream Info Track as Play Next and update Player Playback info.

Now Playing would Behave like there is only single track in it eg. Current behavior minus clearing Now Playing.

MMW Player Next would use workaround like Ludek pointed at 0013718:0046417, PREV would Seek to Position 0, Play/Pause and STOP would work normally according to DLNA standard.

Any clicks and changes to MM5 Now Playing would warn user that starting local playback would stop streaming playback. This includes deleting Streaming Track.