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0013290MediaMonkey 5Synchronizationpublic2020-04-06 21:20
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Summary0013290: Online YouTube tracks fails to sync to device
DescriptionI saw in some Rusty's log some failed auto-conversions for online YouTube tracks added on sync-list.

Because MM5 has ability to add YT tracks to library we should also add a support to sync them or at least properly exclude them from sync-list to prevent from sync errors.
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Fixed in build2032


related to 0016471 feedbackrusty MediaMonkey for Android Wi-Fi Sync: Playlists fail to update correctly when select by 'Random (refresh all)' is used 



2016-09-05 11:20

developer   ~0045559

Last edited: 2016-09-05 12:14

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Because storing copies of YouTube audiovisual content seems prohibited then we need to at least exclude YT tracks from sync-list.

=> Fixed in build 2032

i.e. YT tracks are handled same way as the inaccessible:
- excluded from sync-list
- reported as "inaccessible" in the error dlg (when using Send to -> device)

Possible future alternative would be to sync the YT link to MMA (where MMA would have only the YT link and not an audiovisual content copy)

On the other hand there are apps (like ) that creates/downloads audiovisual YT content.
So I wonder how they deal with the prohibitions? Any idea Rusty?


2016-09-15 14:17

administrator   ~0045657

Right, that's what I've already discussed with Martin in the past - to implement YT playback in MMA so that MM5 can sync YT URLs to MMA.


2020-04-06 21:19

developer   ~0057502

OK, it seems that we cannot do more ATM until YouTube playback is supported in MMA.
So assigned to Martin.