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0012369MediaMonkey 5Generalpublic2020-10-25 13:27
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0012369: Finish Hotkeys handling
DescriptionThere are some TODOs re hotkeys handling:

1) Moving hotkeys storage from Windows registry elsewhere + upgrade from MM4

2) Improve hotkey action handling (enhance for addons usage)
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Fixed in build2267



2015-01-28 20:32

developer   ~0041895

Last edited: 2015-01-28 20:34

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Mostly done (storage in persistent.JSON), hotkeyAction sample script added, etc.

Just upgrade from MM4 remains to add, this needs to be done later (once all actions are added to MM5), decreasing priority for now


2020-09-15 18:50

developer   ~0059586

Most of the missing hotkeys and actions (all the actions related to rating + actions for adjusting video) added in build 2267.

Peke, please test all the hotkeys/actions in 2267 and review whether there are still some that used to be in MM4 and would be valuable to port for MM5.


2020-10-25 13:27

developer   ~0059979

Verified 2271

I have not found any additional default hotkeys in MM4 that are not also ported to MM5. Closing