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0011068MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2020-12-30 18:26
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.5 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0011068: Speed up playlist USB syncing for general MTP devices
DescriptionPlaylist syncing for MTP connected devices is mostly slow. And because MediaMonkey re-creates all playlists on every auto-sync then playlist syncing can be super slow for some users/devices and takes up most of the syncing time.

The solution would be to re-upload only those playlists/auto-playlists that were modified from the last sync.

The problem is that user can delete a track directly in device and such a track gets deleted from a device playlist too.

Therefore MM should reupload a playlist once one of these conditions is true:
1) 'Last Modified' timestamp of the playlist is newer than timestamp of the last auto-sync
2) Number of tracks of the device playlist differs from the number of tracks within library playlist
Additional InformationDWQ-846663
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Fixed in build1671


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related to 0012033 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) iPod/iPhone sync: optimize sync time of playlists 
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2013-07-17 14:59

developer   ~0036889

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Finally I used slightly different approach, at first I found whether the playlist with the same path already exists on the device, then whether amount of its tracks is same and then I compare actual tracks paths in order. This method is fast enough and safe.

Test note: This must be tested with MTP playlists like 'PLA', this check is not performed for simple M3U, because M3U re-creation is fast enough. There is a room for further optimization in case of need.


2013-07-22 00:38

developer   ~0036947

Verified 1650 and Sony W880i in MTP mode


2013-07-24 00:03

developer   ~0036961

Speed increase on MTP devices that utilize PLA are aproximately 35% which should be faster on newer devices.


2013-10-04 08:47

developer   ~0037750

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Re-opened, it seems that we should done this also for M3U playlists. Based on some tests M3U transferring can be slow for some Android devices connected over MTP:


2013-10-04 09:52

developer   ~0037752

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Fixed in build 1662.

i.e. if the same M3U with the same content already exists on the device, then the file is not re-copied needlessly.


2013-10-05 02:59

developer   ~0037777

Verified 1662 and Sony W880i in MSC mode which support M3Us (Relative only)


2013-10-15 23:57

developer   ~0037911

Verified 1664 on generic Player in MSC mode


2013-11-14 11:26

developer   ~0038281

Re-opened, based on this forum thread:
and mainly findings in ticket VZG-155268 it still wasn't fully fixed.


2013-11-14 11:36

developer   ~0038282

Fixed in build 1671.


2013-12-22 21:16

developer   ~0038982

Verified 1682