Scheduled For Release 2019-02-01
0017362: [Sync] Spotify is available in Location of Collections that don't contain Spotify content.
0017610: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Add/Rescan: File Monitor Exclude folders
0017252: [Main Panel] Remove auto-looked up Artwork fails
0017050: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Update strings to account for tooltips no longer used in menu items
0015798: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Rebuild Database results in loss of AutoPlaylist Criteria
0018118: [Sync] iPod sync: "TDeviceCalculator.calcfinish: freeSpace < 0!!!" assertion
0018172: [Main Panel] Most (but not all) dialogs flash when closing them
0017762: [Help / Docs / Localization] Missing string: Ignore files smaller than
0017896: [Help / Docs / Localization] 5.0.1 string review
0017805: [Other] Podcast downloads run as a background process without status indication
0014734: [Track Browser] Images in tracklist re-arrange unnecesarrily
0017138: [Main Panel] Preview window option lost when window removed
0017263: [Install/Config] Rename Layout > Player to Player Layout
0015355: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Mask: Some $if Masks fail for characters comparison
0014501: [General] Unify image clicks
0017658: [Main Panel] Grid view fails to refresh on metadata (date) update
0017877: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Lyrics Search: Lyrics search often fail where Auto-Tag find correct info
0017215: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Move "Allow compilations" to Options
0017874: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Manually added Artwork via Browse fails to associate with files
0017459: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Search by 'Status' hides Artwork/Type searches where users don't expect
0017859: [Extensions framework] Scripts can't be installed unless they are in MMIP
0017816: [Main Panel] Mouse gesture: Mouse Selection in Folders view do not work
0017282: [Main Panel] Tablet mode: search causes UI to flash
0017798: [General] Crash on startup (related to localization)
0016739: [Install/Config] Background resources: Allow users to configure Performance during install or first start
0017189: [Now Playing] Can't D&D files in the Playing
0017769: [General] Wine compatibility
0017604: [Extensions (bundled)] Show Links: Open album in library does not work offline
0017600: [Help / Docs / Localization] 'Sleep settings' isn't translated
0017141: [Main Panel] Column Filter doesn't persist when switching Views
0017488: [Main Panel] Lyrics subwindow issues
0017434: [General] Thumbnails aren't generated for some videos
0017408: [Main Panel] MiniPlayer: UI stops responding
0017320: [Playback] Remove duplicates doesn't need ... in Playing window options
0017857: [Now Playing] Playing list status gets corrupted in some cases (resulting in MM crash)
0017856: [Playback] Keyboard play controls don't work (regression MM4)
0017960: [Sync] Sync: Google Drive plugin report warning not to use app
0016592: [Help / Docs / Localization] CD Burning workaround
0017691: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Image lookup, and properties do not work in some specific cases and some tag fields are missing
0017254: [Extensions framework] Add space between "no update available" and version number
0017831: [Extensions framework] Config panels load the wrong scripts
0017865: [Extensions framework] Convert VBS -> JS crashes MM5
0017771: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Default directory when browsing for images
0017562: [General] Prevent modal dialogs from opening with a size larger than the screen it is on
0017548: [Skinning framework] Switching skins on one install causes all other installs to also change skin
0017806: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Certain transcoded tracks loops end of song while Google casting
0018064: [Sync] Sync stalls with "Waiting for file to convert" once 50 tracks have been already pre-converted (regresison 5.0.1)
0017642: [Main Panel] Spawned dialogs open off-screen if larger than the MM window (and can't be dragged into view in some cases)
0018000: [Extensions (bundled)] Scripting: Remote controling of MM5
0017912: [Codecs] Update Lame encoder to current version
0016138: [Other] Waveform seekbar: Tracks Waveform is not fully calculated
0018149: [Skinning framework] Mini Player: Mini Player Display issues (regression)
0018150: [Sync] Wi-Fi sync crash when pairing specific tracks with corrupted metadata
0018144: [Playback] Right click on video in Preview causes AV (regression 5.0.1)
0018146: [Install/Config] Sources for Metadata Lookup setting not remembered / includes 'dummy' (regression 5.0.1)
0017903: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Send to and FMFS menus always flash (?regression?)
0018005: [Other] MM crashes on resuming from sleep or hibernation: crashlog 87388314
0017901: [Sync] Sync list configuration changes fail to save in some hierachies
0017836: [Other] Web > AllMusic hangs MM / Other nodes cause abnormal termination
0018119: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] ALT key breaks menus (regression)
0018107: [Main Panel] "Max callstack size exceeded" when using 'Ctrl+A' in expanded album pop-up
0018101: [Playback] Playback indicator on taskbar doesn't disappear in some cases
0017795: [Track Browser] Preview [Selected] fails to update in List (by album) views
0017849: [Main Panel] TAB key navigation can be confusing in the main panel
0018077: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion to ALAC/M4A does not work on clean installation
0017501: [Playback] Playback fails to start in some specific cases
0018035: [Tagging framework / input plugins] Tagging playing file occasionally causes inactive waveform bar
0018016: [Sync] Device free space is reported incorrectly in some cases
0018058: [Sync] Device sync: Format problem error is shown for files including % in filename
0017858: [Main Panel] Columns widths are not restored correctly on "Metro M" skin
0018053: [Conversion/Leveling] Volume Leveling leaves an infinite process running (regression 2417)
0017850: [Track Browser] Auto-scroll to the selected item in Column filter after the change
0018049: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] MM5 crashes when second modal window is opened in convert dialog (crashlog id A14AA041)
0018059: [DB / Backup] Accessing "Dead links" node can result in subsequent crash
0013498: [Conversion/Leveling] Device sync: Our reservation isn't always enough when auto-conversion is faster than copying
0018037: [Conversion/Leveling] Automated volume leveling: no status indicator displayed / crash (regression)
0017891: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Background processes / Crash on startup (ID 0AF359A7)
0017766: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Casting: Failed playback on a remote device should have a clearer error
0016862: [General] MM5 creates files and folders in current location instead of Application folder
0017800: [Help / Docs / Localization] Improve links to online help
0017954: [Sync] Half-star rating is replaced by full star rating from iPod/iPhone
0017966: [General] Invalid pointer operation
0017905: [Other] Column filter is empty sometimes - regression
0016778: [Burning / Disc Handling] Review Columns available in CD Lookup window
0017979: [Sync] White screen on sync to Google Drive
0017938: [Main Panel] Devices & Services: Contextual search crash A31C2D22
0017927: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Tag causes AV
0017931: [Main Panel] Files to Edit > Unknown Artist always shows AV
0016479: [Track Browser] Set image size: should not apply to navigation nodes
0017867: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Larger version of images are not downloaded from Discogs
0017699: [Tracklist] "Top Tracks" / "Show all" not implemented consistently
0018018: [Main Panel] Can't remove files from MiniPlayer Playing
0018040: [Playback] Play state should stay stopped when using external video player
0018020: [Playback] Playback of corrupted MP4 --> crash A14ACD7A
0017802: [Main Panel] Some artists/albums are missing thumbs in the grid view (even when tracks have artwork)
0017820: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Album Art may fail to download at full size
0017834: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Adding another player to multi-zone does not work correctly when a song is already playing
0017680: [Install/Config] Running installer force closes MM!
0017796: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Configuring auto-convert rules for associated player output issues
0017760: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] First Add Cover dialog opens behind main window
0018033: [Track Browser] Files to Edit > Duplicate Titles/Artists is missing duplicates
0018026: [Main Panel] MM5 crash while running in the background : C7BC8314
0018029: [Main Panel] Files to Edit > Unorganized files path is unreadable on some skins
0018027: [Sync] Sync to local folder fails in certain configs (regression)
0017956: [Sync] Sync: Sync fail on Large files that goes thru Temp Folder
0018021: [Tagging framework / input plugins] Crash when tagging during playback - A14A9394
0018024: [Playback] Video Playback crashes MediaMonkey
0018028: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping Disc Replacing Existing Files Causes Crash (regression 2411)
0017955: [Sync] Tracks are needlessly re-uploaded to device after rating in MM5
0017989: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Using Add in Locate Moved/Missing Files enables all same level folders
0018014: [Main Panel] Running MediaMonkey on a secondary monitor causes the Window size to grow each time it's run
0018013: [Playback] Arrow key on Volume slider only goes down to 1% instead of 0%
0017999: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] "Unknown Album" is multiplied hundred of times if Artist/Album Artist is known
0018006: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] "Invalid class typecast" error dialog when mousing over Play > Play To...
0017295: [Main Panel] Can't use mouse select in Playing node
0018007: [General] Main Menu responds inconsistently if MM is opened on a second screen (regression)
0018004: [Playback] Waveform analysis data isn't retained for for certain tracks
0018002: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Locate moved/missing files: always reports cloud-linked files as missing
0017441: [Main Panel] "Choose columns / sort" does not show default columns in the "List (by Album)" view
0017994: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion from APE fails
0017990: [Main Panel] Using Lookup image on a Playlist causes AV
0017959: [Main Panel] Album Popup sometimes doesn't show full file list in Artist Browser View
0017474: [Main Panel] Save thumb dialog do not scale correctly on 4k Display
0017984: [General] Changing target format for (auto)conversions sometimes does not work
0017907: [Playback] Play In MediaMonkey fails for multiple files when MediaMonkey is closed
0017945: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Crash on trying to select DLNA renderer and crashes on close
0017985: [Codecs] PREVIOUS button doesn't work on WAV files (regression)
0018001: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Locate moved/missing files: crashlog 2FABD283 (regression 2406)
0017988: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Right click/Paste Artwork in Properties > Artwork causes AV (regression in 2411)
0017754: [General] Hide "Analyze Waveform" menu item / Automatic waveform generation often fails
0017777: [Main Panel] Performance issue - Forced layout recalc when opening grid view LVPopup
0017987: [Help / Docs / Localization] "Sub-nodes" is not translated
0017633: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] 'Unsaved image' label / format in Add cover dialog should be clearer/more informative
0017986: [Other] Artists grid sometimes shows the same artist image for many artists
0017982: [General] Scanning same folder twice doesn't show Scan Results second time
0017916: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Contextual Search on Japanese characters fails
0017967: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Artwork window doesn't respond to single click
0017944: [Tracklist] All Tracks / Top tracks jumps and stops working
0017977: [Podcasts] Podcast download crashes for some users
0017970: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Metadata Lookup: When trying to fetch metadata for CD (FreeDB) sometimes MM5 thews No Audio CD inserted
0017971: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Alternative multi-value characters show as ; after editing field
0017946: [Main Panel] Find More from Same fails on Player
0017196: [Now Playing] Playing status not shown (tracks/time remaining + auto-dj status)
0017844: [Main Panel] Arrow keys don't navigate between items correctly in some views
0017899: [Tracklist] Enabling a new column causes tracklist columns to appear blank (refresh issue)
0017733: [Now Playing] Album Popup with a large number of tracks shows multiple tracks playing at once
0015763: [Main Panel] Rating Column Header has extra space in front in Filelisting
0017616: [Now Playing] Save changes to the currently played track immediately
0017343: [Main Panel] Switching Next in Properties can move selection in Media Tree up one node
0017914: [Other] CD Verification message says no internet connection on random tracks
0017915: [Extensions (bundled)] Case Checker does not work correctly for whitespace and cardinals
0017382: [Skins] Skin reload dialog has no Title, doesn't warn that playback will be stopped
0017911: [Sync] Selecting items to be Synced with Keyboard does not enable Apply button
0017908: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Pressing ALT then using arrow keys skips playback left/right
0017183: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Performance issue - Large popupmenus take up to a full second to open
0017554: [Burning / Disc Handling] Default rip folder
0017812: [Install/Config] MM fails to run for some users (after Chromium update to 90)
0017920: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto Tag from Filename: Inline manual corrections of Auto Tag do not work
0017845: [Sync] Possible crash during Spotify scan
0017870: [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio CD metadata lookups: CD-Text is always preferred
0017363: [Sync] Spotify Sync to MM Scan Results and log mismatch
0014592: [General] Upgrade to the latest Chromium
0017765: [Playback] Playback attempt of audio files can cause crash, when no audio HW is present
0017592: [Playback] Display more specific error in case no audio device is attached and video cannot be played
0017799: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Cast to chromecast mini fails when casting is initiated during playback
0017155: [Extensions framework] info.json parsing does not have a case for invalid JSON
0016852: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Now playing: Library non accessible tracks are not loaded paired correctly
0017635: [Playback] Playing: Album Art and Lyrics Context Menu do not offer save
0017222: [Other] Eureka: MM5 is unresponsive (must be killed) after submitting logs
0017918: [Sync] Sync: When Initial profile gets created in MMA over WIFi MM5 crashes
0017781: [Sync] Crash 19F86866 on Wi-Fi sync (regression 2334)
0017676: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: graceful handling of unavailable server(s) so that 'file 1 of y processing' doesn't endlessly display
0017875: [Conversion/Leveling] Volume Levelling process can fail to show in Status
0017862: [General] MP3 file fails to scan
0017452: [Tracklist] Sorting of Tracks grouped by Album fails to preserve grouping
0017868: [General] Artist view does not display image collage
0017866: [Main Panel] Lookup image... > [Browse] fails for artist images (regression 5.0.1)
0017701: [Other] Icon improvements
0017818: [Skinning framework] Custom icon files (for a collection) do not load properly until MM is restarted
0017886: [Now Playing] Switching into or out of party mode doesn't work correctly (regression 5.0.1)
0017872: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Google Cast Groups are missing the associated config
0017864: [Main Panel] Selection lost on sort
0017863: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Copy/Paste of Playlists fails to create duplicate playlist on the same parent
0017208: [Main Panel] Lyrics panel element: deleting the panel doesn't update panel settings
0017879: [Install/Config] Installing newer builds over 2286 regular causes crash
0017402: [Install/Config] Portable mode: should not automatically make system changes
0017675: [Extensions framework] Extensions: Tooltip should be added to contain path to extension
0017683: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Tag fingerprinting fail on some Albums to pair tracks into single album
0017878: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Lyrics Search: Lyrics Search stops if track title is edited
0017785: [Hotkeys] Add Hotkeys missing from MM5 (that used to be in MM4)
0017772: [Main Panel] Significant memory leak while browsing content
0017095: [Track Browser] Web Node: There is no browser for WEB node
0017839: [Skins] Confirmation dialog: Radio groups have incorrect background (Metro M skin)
0017153: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Menu Buttons don't deselect
0016884: [Main Panel] Ability to Lookup and browse metadata directly from filelisting
0017780: [Other] ShowLinks Addon fails with & ampersand
0017876: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Playing view: Playing list view do not have status bar
0017308: [Playlists] Playlists/folders drag & drop: Only 1 item is dropped when multiple are selected
0017847: [UPnP / DLNA] WMV transcoded from MM5 server to MM5 client stops after 45 minutes
0014397: [Other] MediaMonkey 'restart' option often fails
0016530: [Main Panel] Add Play Shuffled options to Context menu of Media Tree nodes
0017861: [Sync] Sync to local folder / mapped drive auto converts tracks by default
0017694: [Install/Config] Clicking 'install' often generates a warning tone
0017225: [Other] Copy & Paste doesn't prompt to overwrite existing files
0017303: [Other] Copy/Cut & Paste from tab to tab do not trigger refresh
0016472: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Play Now for a node can trigger Playback of tracks different than those that are displayed
0017317: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Playing Node should have relevant contextual commands
0017848: [General] Clicking minimize/restore/maximize buttons losing focus inside app. window
0017840: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Confirmation dialogs are too narrow
0017725: [Podcasts] Refreshing number in Downloads(X) collapses manually opened album
0017832: [Install/Config] Version update notifications appear even when current version is newer
0017853: [Tagging framework / input plugins] Some iTunes tags ae not read from M4A/MP4 files - regression
0017852: [General] Reduce size of persistent.json for release version
0017668: [Skins] Now-Playing item is difficult to see on grid view with light colored backgrounds
0017790: [Playback] Inconsistent behavior of player.clearPlaylist()
0017776: [Main Panel] Performance issue - Loading a large album in grid view causes entire view to lag, even after it is collapsed
0017823: [Extensions framework] (Regression) Creating SongsDB5.SDBApplication object when MM5 is not running does not open MM5 [COM]
0017561: [General] MM shows up twice in the taskbar when launching
0017814: [Skins] Startup issues when the main window was maximized before last close
0017688: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Some file tags do not have clear order of precedence
0017828: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Seeking fails when playing to multi-zone
0017809: [Main Panel] 'Copying' text is misleading when doing Shift + D&D to folders node (to move)
0017811: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Remove unavailable files dialog is shown only when Scan results dialog is enabled
0017817: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Alt+Right Next doesn't work on other tabs in Properties
0017813: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Auto-playlists created as 'Basic' in MM4 aren't editable in MM5
0017827: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Stop after Current file fails when casting
0017821: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Track cannot be removed from playlists via Properties > Classifications (like in MM4)
0017073: [Now Playing] Playing node keeps scrolling to end
0017782: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Scanning - Continuous doesn't work (regression 5.0)
0017547: [Playback] Playing mm for hours (--> crash 875B000 : fixed) --> increased memory utilization
0017358: [Extensions framework] Addons panel: Capitalize the first letter of the categories in "Show" dropdown
0017794: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] DLNA/casting: Auto-converted / transcoded tracks issues (regression)
0017751: [Skins] Miniplayer (Metro M skin): dragging the scrollbar handle drags the dialog
0017793: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Users may not realize realize that fields in Auto-tag dialog are clickable
0016796: [Sync] Sonos and some other devices do not support HQ 24Bit WAV
0015254: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Fallback to auto-conversion when a file fails to cast
0017745: [Now Playing] Shift+Mouse Scroll doesn't do Horizontal Scroll in Playing node
0017774: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Organize does not update linked album artwork
0017778: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Properties>Artwork>Lookup>Browse: No .thm and "All Files (*.*)" options
0017695: [Track Browser] Track Browser: Inline edit execute off screen if Column is larger than Track Browser width
0017783: [Main Panel] (Regression) Editing items on tracklist sometimes does not display changes
0017737: [Main Panel] Grid View missing for Entire Library collection
0017262: [Collections] Remove 'and Views' from the Sub-nodes tab in Collection Options dialog
0017753: [Install/Config] MiniPlayer: dialogs opened from within miniplayer appear in back of the miniplayer
0017792: [UPnP / DLNA] Crash EFEFFECD after 10 minutes of running (in some environments - regression 2335)
0017757: [Tagging framework / input plugins] Update OGG Vorbis and Opus libraries
0017756: [Tagging framework / input plugins] Upgrade libmatroska and libebml sources in f_mkv tagging plugin
0017749: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys: 'Star Up' and 'Star Down' hotkeys are not intuitive
0017269: [Codecs] FLAC: FLAC Lib is outdated
0017788: [Extensions framework] [COM] Access violation when using auto shuffle playlist script
0014936: [Sync] Cloud scanning: Add scan results dialog
0016830: [UPnP / DLNA] DLNA: Playback on some devices do not work
0017113: [General] Making the area to the left of the search button clickable
0017267: [General] Crash while ripping: 166D0000
0017742: [Playback] Tweak when switching between DLNA and Internal player
0017731: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] When casting the last track in Playing, NEXT has no effect
0017738: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] 'DLNA Player is turned off or inaccessible' error appears for each track
0015293: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Mouse (lasso) Selection fails in several cases
0017741: [Playback] Internal player gets volume of DLNA player when switching players
0017653: [Main Panel] Infopanel date metadata doesn't update in some cases
0017702: [Main Panel] Artwork browser does not default to tracks folder for tracks located on NAS
0017612: [Now Playing] Playing 'List' Columns can become unadjustable
0017687: [Playback] Player has artifacts when no tracks are loaded
0017660: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Using the Add/Rescan command doesn't initiate a scan by default
0017656: [UPnP / DLNA] Devices & Services: clicking + to add a media server temporarily removes an existing server
0016429: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Search: Advanced Search/Filter UI Tweaks
0017650: [Podcasts] Accented Characters fail to show in Podcast Subscriptions
0017558: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] On a wide screen it can be difficult to tell which '-' button is associated with which criteria
0017556: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Auto-Playlists display graphical artifacts when the criteria extends to the scrollbar
0017603: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Some podcasts shows no Episodes
0017543: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] No obvious way to configure file scanning (without initiating a scan)
0016545: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] File Operation: Basic Drag and Drop, Copy/Paste issues in MM5
0017170: [Codecs] Convert WEBM/VP9 video file Crashes MM5
0017309: [General] Unclear crash message for data-init-params=""
0017531: [UPnP / DLNA] Ability to rename client devices
0017338: [Other] Toast messages cut off in MicroPlayer
0017476: [Conversion/Leveling] Choosing # of CPU cores/threads does not appear to work for auto-conversion on wi-fi sync
0017513: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD extra browsing/rip issues
0017322: [Main Panel] Playing window Context Menu shows CD options
0017381: [Skins] Player Progress overlaps horizontal scrollbar in Filelisting if no Statusbar is shown
0017390: [Playlists] Disordered playlist scroll out of view when a track is deleted from it
0017077: [Playback] Video playback: Some MP4 files plays choppy
0017453: [UPnP / DLNA] Some videos played over DLNA fails to stream
0017514: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Auto-Playlist is scrollable even if combo-boxes are open
0017500: [Playlists] Playlist window size resets incorrectly when a window is closed
0017493: [Burning / Disc Handling] 'Downloads' node briefly appears while ripping
0017490: [Playlists] Playlist window size resets unexpectedly
0017473: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Classifications lack options in Search/AutoPlaylist Criteria
0017389: [Main Panel] Duplicate content view is not refreshed after signature calc (for some users)
0017475: [Main Panel] Playing node > Lyrics view is missing Context menu
0017416: [Skinning framework] Waveform: Waveform representation do not followTrack volume (Regression)
0017468: [UPnP / DLNA] Casting: Chromecast Sends Title and year for Music Videos
0017469: [UPnP / DLNA] Chromecast: Save thumbnail do not work on files while casting
0017401: [General] Command line: Command line to start/install and Stop MM as Service
0017438: [Main Panel] Automatic column width does not work correctly in "List (by Album)" view
0017439: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Match within words and search whole words in Browser view
0017457: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] It should be possible to search by Album Art status
0017341: [Main Panel] FMFS doesn't show Type relevant tags for videos
0017396: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] ..value results problem
0017429: [Sync] Track volume always shown as -1.0 db for tracks on the iPod/iPhone
0016866: [Main Panel] MediaMonkey takes keyboard input while not the active window
0017391: [Main Panel] Window position not restored correctly when taskbar is on top
0017384: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Using keyboard to Rate from Context Menu in Playing switches Playing file
0016521: [Sync] Spotify addon for syncing playlists
0017284: [Main Panel] Show path instead of just filename when moving files
0017294: [Install/Config] D&D of Collections onto Column Headers moves them down
0016543: [General] D&D: Drag and Drop MM4 -> MM5 Now playing do not work
0017353: [Conversion/Leveling] Can't change Format in Convert Files when Auto-Tag window is open
0017323: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Context Menu shows play shuffled and rename options as enabled when no file is selected
0017057: [General] Sony A55 sync: When full sync is done no playlists are created on device
0017124: [Reports] Statistics report does not count songs played outside of MM
0017078: [Main Panel] Add arrows to flip through track's artwork images
0016865: [General] Debug LOG: Auto Send debug logs and restart MM5
0016424: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Hotkeys: Hotkeys Columns can't be sorted
0016765: [Now Playing] Ability to save the Playing list as an existing Playlist
0016653: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Automatically Trim start/end Space char from Metadata on file import
0016588: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Browser View: Album Pop-ups should display Artists for Compilation Albums
0015622: [Install/Config] Install should terminate running copies of MM
0016818: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Artwork cut-off at bottom of full size Artwork of Artwork Lookup/Properties
0016792: [Main Panel] Space bar scrolls down the list when no track is selected
0014444: [General] Album & Tracks view: support truncated tracklist per album
0016732: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Lookup doesn't retrieve featured Artists
0016690: [Sync] Sync: Not all devices types should have same options
0016585: [Now Playing] Context menu: Playing [Album Art / Lyrics / Artist Bio] > Choose layout has a 'Select all' option
0016603: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] List of YouTube links suggestions in the Properties dialog shows unescaped characters
0016548: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Tabs are unnecessarily re-loaded in some specific scenarios
0016478: [Now Playing] MiniPlayer: Visual tweaks
0016477: [Playback] Simplify the player time indicator
0016405: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Grid View: Image size customization
0016372: [Now Playing] Now Playing [Lyrics]: ability to configure font size
0016378: [Install/Config] Options > Collections & Views > Collection Options > Sub-nodes & Views should by orderable via d&d
0015603: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Locate Moved/Missing tracks: Prepare track list takes too long
0015239: [Sync] Minor differences in device config (MM4 vs MM5)
0014365: [DB / Backup] Support more Custom fields
0014449: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] BPM: BPM should be shown with Two decimals
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Scheduled For Release 2019-02-01
0017950: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Freedb Lookup is broken (MM Server issue)
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