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0009775MediaMonkey 4DLNA/UPnPpublic2012-10-11 14:38
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Product Version4.0.7 
Summary0009775: Multi-Value fields not send correctly to DLNA/UPnP clients
DescriptionIt seems MediaMonkey doesn't send a multiple-value field (like Artist) correctly as clients only display the last value. Other servers are reported to not have this problem.
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related to 0008742 assignedrusty MediaMonkey Wishlist Customize Tag display over DLNA/UPnP 



2012-10-11 09:47

developer   ~0032422

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MediaMonkey does it according to standard, upnp:artist is multi-value property, it means that it can appear more than once in the DIDL-Lite XML, see details here: (pages 42, 177)

It means that MM presents Artist1;Artist2;Artist3 as

<upnp:artist role="Performer">Artist1</upnp:artist>
<upnp:artist role="Performer">Artist2</upnp:artist>
<upnp:artist role="Performer">Artist3</upnp:artist>

which is correct and the issue is with the BubbleUPnP client that cannot reads mutli-values and reads only the last artist (Artist3).


2012-10-11 14:38

developer   ~0032434

Note that Sony and Samsung TV's also only display last value.