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0008742MediaMonkey WishlistDLNA/UPnPpublic2016-07-05 22:21
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Product Version4.1 
Target Version5.0.0 
Summary0008742: Customize Tag display over DLNA/UPnP
DescriptionMany DLNA devices can only display few tags (some only show Title) and thus navigating content can be difficult. For example with TV Shows the Episode number may be important and for Movies the Year (some movies have the same name which makes it impossible to know which to select) or Parental Rating might be important. Classical Music users might want to use Composer as Artist.
If the user would be able to customize what is shown for the different fields (ie Title) by using masks (ie <Title> (<Date>)) it would significantly enhance the user experience.
Additionally a setting to parse a multi-value field as single value field (also useful in AutoSync where user can currently select to use first value on some multi-value fields).
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2013-08-12 12:02

developer   ~0037130

Note that DLNA/UPnP sharing odf custom nodes has been already added in build 0009264


2013-09-10 04:32

developer   ~0037450

This is not about nodes, but on what is displayed when viewing files. For example for a TV series it may be useful to display Episode# - Title. Creating an Episode# node to get the Episode# data on the client would not be a solution.


2014-01-15 15:25

developer   ~0039243

Last edited: 2014-02-13 16:59

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Due to poor DLNA implementation on some clients (crash on certain tags or Artwork) this would go a long way to get files to play on clients.


2015-03-18 23:50

developer   ~0042313

Last edited: 2015-03-18 23:51

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Seems to be quite requested, maybe we could use the Summary format (same as in Now Playing) for 4.1.7


2015-03-30 12:33

developer   ~0042370

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Nevertheless some UI will need to be added anyway.

I guess that it should be custom per client configuration (same as currently 'Shared Content' and 'Auto-Conversion' are), so on the client configuration dialog we would need to add another tab showing similar configuration as is in Options > Player > Playback Rules.
i.e. for each track type (Music, Video, TV, ...) user could configure mask to override the Title tag.

Assigned to Rusty to suggest the wording.


2015-03-30 14:45

developer   ~0042373

I agree that ideally you can configure several tags (Title may be most important on display, but others may be useful on browsing) per Type per client.

I'd suggest that there is a global setting (new tab) in the in the Server and then per Client a tab that allows the user to override the global setting.