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0007307MediaMonkey (current)Tracklistpublic2011-12-14 21:55
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0.1Fixed in Version4.0.1 
Summary0007307: Large Art Browser fonts don't render clearly
DescriptionThe Art Browser font is blocky and doesn't render clearly. Tested build 1346.
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Fixed in build1460


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related to 0008861 newpetr MediaMonkey (current) Art browser displays large fonts at too large a size 
related to 0008862 closedpetr MediaMonkey (current) Small art browser fonts render with artifacts 



2011-02-09 22:56

administrator   ~0022980

Last edited: 2011-11-27 16:47

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Setting priority to Low--the only time it occurs is when the image/font size is really large.

EDIT: the issue is actually visible most of the time, but especially so when the size of the artbrowser is increased. Mambo project has raised the priority of this issue.


2011-11-27 22:41

developer   ~0029089

Fixed in 1460


2011-12-07 21:10

developer   ~0029353

Font size is improved on 1460, but the scaling of font with height of Art Browser is not necessarily a good idea. Many long titles end up getting cut off. Either optional or disabled scaling would be preferred.


2011-12-07 21:10


Art Browser Font.jpg (158,069 bytes)
Art Browser Font.jpg (158,069 bytes)


2011-12-14 21:10

administrator   ~0029457

Re. font scaling--I agree the fonts get too large, but this is an independent issue so I'll open a new bug.

Another related issue is that when font sizes are small, there are terrible artifacts. Will track this in a new issue as well.


2011-12-14 21:55

administrator   ~0029460

Verified 1460.