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0007181MediaMonkey 5Tagging framework / input pluginspublic2017-06-06 22:46
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Summary0007181: Support for InitialKey (TKEY) Values in MM Library
DescriptionTKEY is used in most professional DJ apps like Tractor and it is one of few essential parts in DJ Mixing for selecting track.

Most common approach is Harmonics Mixing used by major DJs.

We could easily use it for Auto-DJ where mathematical algorithm can be used to get almost perfect continuous mix of tracks based on Similarity, Harmonics, BPM, Genre, ...

TAG Support:
ID3v2.3-2.4 = TKEY (3 Chars, but Serato and Traktor both support up to 7 characters for tracks that have two keys [start/end]) Format conversions are shown here and
WMA = WM/InitialKey

Vorbis,APEv2 = INITIALKEY (read also KEY)
M4A = (read also

Most common app I had found is Mixed In Key which uses two ways to write TKEY:
1. Version 2.5 and 4.0: Using COMM ID3 field with descriptor ENG and two formats
 a) <TKEY>
 b) <TKEY> - <BPM> (BPM can be rounded or contain 2 decimal points)

2. Version 4: Beside 1. it also save TKEY and TBPM ID3 tags for better support

From what I tested most recognizable TKEY format is chart but when you try to find key manually on keyboards is more useful.

a) Some apps like tractor save TKEY in non standard 7 Char length using Camerlot Harmonics Values in format <KEY1>/<KEY2> where each one is 3 char long.

b) Unless TAG Format specify which one needs to be used. INI File Switch should be added to Force Writing format. TAG Read will recognize both as both formats are straight forward. Default would be Winamp values and
Additional Information (Can Use Home Of Rapid Evolution APP. ( , ( (Used for testing)

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Fixed in build2066


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2011-04-13 23:27

developer   ~0024304

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Uploaded small example of end result when BPM and TKEY is used to calculate BPM+TKEY to make playlist.

I used for gathering TKEY Values Similarity along with files I had in My MM library.


2013-05-07 00:55

developer   ~0035950

Set for triage in 4.1.1

Latest topic:


2013-12-31 01:13

developer   ~0039075


2014-01-02 01:47

developer   ~0039079

I updated bad link from 0007181:0024304


2014-07-10 18:37

developer   ~0040339

Assigned to Jiri for inclusion in 5.0 as priority change for MMW 5 database.


2017-02-03 17:33

administrator   ~0047176


2017-02-04 14:05

administrator   ~0047183

Looks like we could add it for 5.0, unless we find any significant difficulties with tagging standards.


2017-02-23 10:10


HarmonicMixing.jpg (233,640 bytes)   
HarmonicMixing.jpg (233,640 bytes)   


2017-02-23 10:12

developer   ~0047328

Added harmonics mixing tables and translations of only two standards.

They should be String value NON Unicode and I have not seen value more than 7 Chars as explained in description for Serato and Tractor.


2017-02-23 19:17

developer   ~0047339

Fixed in build 2062.


2017-02-25 10:03

developer   ~0047363

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Ludek please add support for filters and masks for this new field/column (SD.initialKey, named "Initial Key"), so it can be used e.g. in auto playlists, auto organize, etc.


2017-05-23 15:31

developer   ~0048014

Fixed in 2066


2017-06-06 22:46

developer   ~0048073

Verified 2066