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0007090MediaMonkey (current)DLNA/UPnPpublic2012-12-18 04:25
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.1Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0007090: Ability to control remote players via UPnP/DLNA
DescriptionIn MediaMonkey you can:
1. Set up own media server
2. Control MediaMonkey's player by using another client (via MediaMonkey renderer)
3. Play music from media servers by using MediaMonkey's player

BUT, you cannot set up active renderer for browsed server so that you could control remote player by using MedaMonkey player
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Fixed in build1611


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2011-01-06 16:29

administrator   ~0022218

As discussed over IM, it seems that for MM 4.0 it makes most sense to implement a basic 'Play To...' command, that would send the selected track(s) to given device (renderer). Based on the feedback on the feature, we could implement more for future versions, like:
1. Remote control of volume
2. Better remote management of playback queue.
However, this would probably too complex to design for MM 4.0 and it's isn't clear whether users would even need it.


2011-01-06 17:21

developer   ~0022219

Last edited: 2011-01-06 17:22

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As discussed over IM, WMP's "Play to..." allows to control volume and Now Playing list, see the third screenshot here: where every remote player has its own Window with NP and virtual player.


2011-01-07 16:11

developer   ~0022227

As discussed over IM,
implementing this similarly to WMP requires also some skin changes (each renderer needs to have its own skinned player) and thus proper implementation isn't trivial and includes also some work for skinners, therefore we are changing target to 4.1


2011-02-22 22:52

developer   ~0023335

We should also consider adding global NP and player Control where any changes to MM player will automatically reflect selected (multiple) renderers.

NOTE: this is often requested feature where users wants to play/control all rooms in the house from single PC and MM.

Example: I start Play Queen and all Renderers in the house Plays track I played on my PC and share same playlist.


2011-05-13 16:37

developer   ~0025169

The ability to right click on Player and select any or all DLNA renderers and/or MediaMonkey Player would be an excellent feature and would as Peke mentions fulfill the need many have to stream music to multiple locations at the same time. This however is different from the Play To functionality in Windows where a different player is used for each DLNA client. I also wonder if it is even possible to have multiple renderers play the same content at the exact same time.


2011-07-03 23:13

developer   ~0026496

Last edited: 2011-07-03 23:16

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Assigned to you for post 4.0 investigation if there is possibility to control several Renderers at time.


2011-07-03 23:15

developer   ~0026497

There will be delay I think like there is delay with using shoutcast/icecast streams, but at least it should/would be possible to do.


2012-01-23 13:08

developer   ~0030022

Last edited: 2012-01-23 13:09

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Yes, there would be a delay, i.e. two renderers would be desynchronized say half a seconds when streaming the same content.

For now, I am implementing at least the basic "switch player" feature as suggested by Martin (via right click on Player). We will see if we can do more then.


2012-01-27 22:39

developer   ~0030126

Last edited: 2012-01-29 20:34

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Ability to control remote players is implemented in build 1600 via right-click on the player -> 'Select Player' option.

I opened 0009036 for the additional feature requests.


2012-03-15 12:05

developer   ~0030677

Verified 1600


2012-12-05 23:00

developer   ~0033686

Last edited: 2012-12-05 23:05

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Re-opened, it seems that it is no longer working:


2012-12-05 23:10

developer   ~0033688

Actually I found that it works, but you need to play tracks from the Media Servers node.

i.e. you need to play tracks from a media server, it doesn't work for local tracks although I think it has never worked for local tracks as they needs to be sent as URIs and when MMW server is not running then it would fail anyway.

Nevertheless in MM 4.1 we have MMW server running by default, so we should fix it so that it works for local tracks too.


2012-12-06 11:31

developer   ~0033693

Fixed playback of local library files in build 1610.

i.e. If the file path is not URI, then MM checks whether it is library file and whether a server is running, if both condition are true then it creates URI for the file and serve. Otherwise if it is not a library file or no MM server is running then the file is skipped.

Added in 1610.


2012-12-06 12:15

developer   ~0033695

Last edited: 2012-12-06 16:15

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Re-opened as metadata isn't properly shown on some remote players (e.g. BubbleUPnP)

Fixed in 1610.


2012-12-07 16:34

developer   ~0033722

+ fixed (in build 1611) some others tweaks that could eventually cause issues with some renderers


2012-12-08 19:37

developer   ~0033768

Last edited: 2012-12-08 19:37

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+also fixed some others video playback issues in build 1611 ( 0010179 )


2012-12-11 17:27

developer   ~0033827

Last edited: 2012-12-11 18:01

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+ fixed issues with paused playback (in build 1611)


2012-12-18 04:25

developer   ~0033950

Verified 1614