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0006574MediaMonkey (current)Main Panelpublic2010-12-20 04:28
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006574: Track Browser Configurability Per Collection
DescriptionTrack Browser enable/disable status persists per Collection (as described in 0006547), however, its configuration should also persist per Collection because e.g. for some Collections it makes sense to have the 'Album', but not in others.

This would imply the following changes:
a) removing the UI that we'd created in the View Edit dialog (the File Browser tab), and MM would simply persist whatever configuration changes the user makes
b) right clicking in the Track Browser should allow the user to Add/Remove columns (valid range: 2-4 columns). e.g. 'Add column', 'Remove column', splitter, list of fields
c) ensuring that Track Browser headings can match the headings used in a collection. e.g. right now, the Track browser can't browse by 'Series'.
Additional InformationExample:
-Tab one and two both have same Collection (Music, or more correctly Type=Music) active, and the same View (say Details view) active
If the user :
1) Added a column for BPM to Track browser in tab 2: ==>Settings for Type=Music/View=Details change to include a new BPM column. In Tab 1, the track browser/filtering would be unchanged.
2) In Tab 1, switched to Collection (Classical, or more correctly Type=Classical Music) and then back to Music ==> Music view would show the changed settings as persisted from step 1.
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Fixed in build1335


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2010-12-02 21:37

administrator   ~0021568

Note that Part a) is already implemented, however, the remaining functionality isn't.


2010-12-11 22:00

developer   ~0021743

Item c fixed in 1334


2010-12-11 22:00

developer   ~0021744

Fixed in 1334


2010-12-12 23:20

developer   ~0021781

Opening for item b


2010-12-15 00:02

developer   ~0021824

Fixed in 1335


2010-12-20 04:28

administrator   ~0021948

Verified 1336.