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0006237MediaMonkey (current)Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2010-11-04 22:56
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Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006237: Properties: Add new 'Start Time' and 'Stop Time' fields
DescriptionBased on some requests like this
it seems it would make sense to add new 'Start Time' and 'Stop Time' fields (like iTunes has).

A) directly to Track Properties
or to
B) File -> Manage Filters -> <filter> -> Configure -> Options -> Player Options

A) is preferable

It would be useful, because sometimes users want to skip several seconds for podcasts or audiobooks starting with some kind of advertising or a long signatures.
Also many songs have some preludes that are wanted to be skipped.
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Fixed in build1321


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2010-01-11 21:43

developer   ~0019922

Implemented in build 1301.

Added new editable 'Start Time' and 'Stop Time' fields to
Properties -> Details


2010-01-12 08:45

administrator   ~0019926

It should be also added to iPod syncing plug-in, so that the fields are used on iPods/iPhone.


2010-01-12 18:54

developer   ~0019932

Of course, I forgot, thanks!

Fixed in build 1301.


2010-10-25 13:07

developer   ~0020945

Last edited: 2010-10-25 13:09

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verified 1318. However, I think it needs to be reopened. Start and stop fields do not recognize decimals with a period (eg 0:30.5)

Currently it only recognizes with a comma (eg 0:30,5)

I think both should be recognized or maybe be controlled by the localization (AFAIK in english speaking countries the period is always used).

Add'l info:


2010-10-25 15:44

developer   ~0020967

Fixed in build 1319.

It accepts both form now.


2010-11-01 15:19

developer   ~0021092

Tested in build 1319, but I still see some problems.

1. Enter 30,5 (or 30.5) into "Start time", hit OK. Reopen track properties. Start time now reads "0:00,005"

2. Enter 0:30,5 (or 0:30.5) into Start time, hit OK. Reopen track properties. Start time now reads "0:30,005"


2010-11-03 15:19

developer   ~0021147

Fixed in build 1321.


2010-11-04 22:56

developer   ~0021187

verified 1321