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Summary0005437: Scrobbler connection problems when IE8 Installed
DescriptionUsers have reported numerous problems with the scrobbler on machines that have IE8 installed. The problems seem to usually occur on Vista/Windows 7. They are:

1) Failed connection.
2) 100% cpu utilization. Even if a connection fails, CPU utilization shouldn't get stuck at 100%

The workaround to solve both issues is to use auto-tag functionality and somehow this 'unsticks' the scrobbler for the duration of that MM session.
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Fixed in build


related to 0005373 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) IE8 triggers connection problems (wininet error) on Vista / Windows 2008 
related to 0003360 closedLudek MediaMonkey (current) Use single internet access library instead of TIE + Indy 



2009-03-30 09:54

developer   ~0017231

Peke, have you already applied the same fix as in 0005373 to the Last FM's TIE sources?

I guess this is the problem?


2009-03-31 23:29

developer   ~0017250

I've fixed TIE used by LastFM Scrobbler in same way as in main exe (it's verified).


2009-03-31 23:31

developer   ~0017251

Updated plugin build to


2009-03-31 23:34

developer   ~0017253

Updated and resolved 0005437 to reflect these changes.


2010-11-01 15:33

developer   ~0021098

verified plugin version