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0004976MediaMonkey (current)Framework: Scripts/Extensionspublic2010-12-23 20:11
Status closedResolutionsuspended 
Product Version3.1.2 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0004976: Extensions: Support for Additional browser header info
DescriptionNew TIEHTTP build 066 support sending of Additional headers to server.

Adding several additional headers would be useful for leech protection and make clear showing to server that page is requested from MediaMonkey Internal Browser.

request_headers.Add('User-Agent: MediaMonkey/3.x (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: MediaMonkey/');
request_headers.Add('Referer: 3000001 scrobbler'); //Extension ID

NOTE: This should be very useful so that server can force browsing of some pages thrum MediaMonkey and/or apply specific HTML formatting for internal MM browser. Like clicking on "Get more extensions..." can be opened in MM directly and have different formatting than same link viewed in browser.
Additional InformationWhat different browser sends to Server can be seen on these links:
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Fixed in build1305


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child of 0004970 closedpeke Component Updated: New TIEHTTP Release 



2008-11-28 10:59

administrator   ~0015228

Since we use IE for many actions (like browsing), I don't think that this would be of any use, at least not until we significantly change the way MM manages HTML browsing.


2008-12-08 00:17

developer   ~0015543

This is more for Server Side and not for MediaMonkey Client side as those additional Header values will be handled on Server for Specific HTML formatting.

I'll check if I could make small/fast example, althru unless 4970 issues are fixed there is no point of adding this functionality


2009-01-24 14:52

developer   ~0016367

Using non risk code I added few headers to get better results from TIE.


2009-09-19 04:24

developer   ~0018929

Changed IEHTTP3.pas To correctly show MediaMonkey as Accessing application to Web server.

2009-09-19 04:26


webtest.mmip (1,780 bytes)


2010-04-01 15:44

developer   ~0020073

As talked with Ludek over IM it should not be the problem to add these Headers:
"X-MediaMonkey-Major", "X-MediaMonkey-Minor", "X-MediaMonkey-Release", "X-MediaMonkey-build" or if it is simpler just "X-MediaMonkey-Version" using format ""


2010-04-01 16:09

developer   ~0020074

Last edited: 2010-04-01 16:12

I would suggest these request headers:

User-Agent: MediaMonkey

or maybe directly:

User-Agent: MediaMonkey

because most of apps includes version info directly in the "User-Agent" request header.


2010-04-01 17:23

developer   ~0020075

Last edited: 2010-04-01 17:24

Fixed in build 1305.

Request header is in the form:

User-Agent: MediaMonkey

and can be parsed by server to get MM version.


2010-07-23 22:42

developer   ~0020375

Verified 1308

Note: Set as private due possible security issues in case some other apps decide to pretend to be MM.