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0012986MediaMonkey 4Synchronizationpublic2015-12-17 22:25
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.10 
Target Version4.1.10Fixed in Version4.1.10 
Summary0012986: Sync list config broken in MMA 513 / MMW 1771 (regression)
DescriptionWhen attempting to Wi-Fi sync an android device that has previously USB-synced with MMW, upon clicking the SD Card to choose the sync location and granting permission to connect to MMW, access fails. e.g.

1 Completely delete MMA, /MediaMonkey from Android and delete sync profiles in MMW.
2 Connect device to MMW and initiate USB sync
3 Install and run MMA
4 Access the sync configuration
--> The choose sync location dialog appears
5 Choose SD card as the sync location
--> The Choose location dialog in MMA briefly flashes and then re-appears
--> MMW pops up the 'Grant access' dialog
6 Click 'Yes' to grant access in MMW
7 Choose SD Card again in the Choose sync location dialog in MMA
--> MMW again pops up the 'Grant access' dialog
8 Grant access again in MMW
9 In MMA attempt to configure the sync profile and add playlists to the auto-sync list
--> Although the playlists can be browsed, any attempt to select or deselect a playlist results in a 'Unable to contact remote server' message. This is particularly strange since 'Sync Now' works (using the settings from the USB sync operation)!!

This bug prevents Wi-Fi sync testing (except for testing that doesn't change the sync profile).

MMA Debug log: U04CVB1S0A
MMW debug log is attached, though it contains unnecessary information at the beginning of the log. Towards the end you can see the initiation of the Wi-Fi sync connection.
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Fixed in build1772


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child of 0012101 closedLudek Duplicate names of playlists fail to sync correctly 
child of 0012985 closedLudek Duplicate names of playlists fail to show content correctly over DLNA 



2015-12-01 07:13

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2015-12-01 12:39

developer   ~0043479

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Hmm, this seems to be my yeasterday's regression related to 0012101 and 0012985 where I needed to change DLNA presentation of playlist to by accessed by GUIDs path instead of names path and I forgot to test remote sync-list config from MMA :-/

I tested only DLNA/UPnP browsing and WiFi sync with sync-list configured in MMW.

Good catch Rusty!

The worse case is that I have already written DUnit test for this in the past, but I did not run it yesterday :-(
The test would catch it.


2015-12-01 13:18

developer   ~0043480

Fixed in 1772


2015-12-17 22:25

developer   ~0043706

Verified 1778