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0010966MediaMonkey for AndroidSynchronizationpublic2013-06-18 15:19
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.0.4 
Target Version1.0.4Fixed in Version1.0.4 
Summary0010966: Choose library folders settings are overriden
DescriptionIf the user disables a library folder setting (e.g. the /movies folder), then it subsequently gets reselected by itself.

Most likely this is because that folder is a sync destination in MMW.

I would suggest that if a folder is a sync destination, then it shouldn't be possible to disable it.
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Fixed in build142


related to 0010997 closedrusty Tracks disappear from the device (regression) 
related to 0011000 closedpeke External storage location is missing / lost 
has duplicate 0010986 closedmarek Files on External card not shown 



2013-06-07 08:24

administrator   ~0036368

This is mostly likely an example of problem with improperly stored settings - Marek's working on it...


2013-06-12 11:47

developer   ~0036437

Fixed in build 142


2013-06-17 16:39

administrator   ~0036537

Synchronization with build 142 worked correctly yesterday with build 142. However, this morning, upon clicking 'Sync' on the main screen, the following dialog appears:


[blank space]

[Sync Location/Settings] . . . . [Close]

Upon clicking [Sync Location/Settings], a dialog appears to configure sync to the _internal_ memory, instead of to the external memory--which is where MMA was configured to sync previously!!

In other words, the external storage location was somehow lost!!!


2013-06-18 06:00

developer   ~0036539

This is a different issue. This original issue was related to scanned directories (not to wifi sync).

But re. your issue: the main issue is probably that the screen is empty. You don't even see "Nothing to sync"? Could you send the logs in this case?

[Sync Location/Settings] button always leads to first/main storage now. So it isn't related. I will change it to lead to first checked storage.


2013-06-18 15:16

administrator   ~0036549

Moved the new 'disappearing sync profile' issue to a new bug 0011000 and re-resolved this issue.


2013-06-18 15:19

administrator   ~0036550

Several users in the forum have confirmed that the fix worked for them. Closing.