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0008995MediaMonkey (current)Main Panelpublic2012-02-05 21:53
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
Product Version4.0.2 
Target Version4.1 
Summary0008995: 1465: Error during Player Inititialization/Collections not show
Description1465 shows AV on startup, error about Player Initialization fails to show Collection in Media Tree (are and were selected in Options), Settings aren't saved.
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Fixed in build1467


parent of 0009296 assignedpetr Error during Player Initialization 
related to 0009090 assignedpetr Art + Details View: If sorted on Summary, Properties > Update & Next --> tracks display out of order 
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2012-01-19 17:16

developer   ~0029966

Maybe something caused by scrobbler:


2012-01-23 16:40

administrator   ~0030026

Seems to be a regression from 0008936 caused by SVN commit 14368.


2012-01-23 17:24

developer   ~0030030

Fixed in 1466


2012-01-27 05:48

developer   ~0030110

Problem is worse on 1466 and MediaMonkey won't run at all. Many AV's occur.


2012-01-27 07:33

developer   ~0030112

Fixed in 1467


2012-01-27 17:03

developer   ~0030120

Test note: Art View rule: $if(<Album>,<Date>-<Album>,$if($viewmode=3,$if($groupcount=1,<Title>)))


2012-02-04 00:14

developer   ~0030272

Last edited: 2012-02-04 00:23

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1. I'm mot sure that I'm testing it correctly But when I did this to Martin test notes I do not see any samples.

2. History is not remembered After Clicking OK

3. Changing of Rules do not refresh current view

Tested on 1470


2012-02-05 17:58

developer   ~0030282

re 1. don't understand ? What samples ? Where ?
re 2. history isn't implemented for that (not sure it's necessary)
re 3. can be postponed for 4.1 (not critical)


2012-02-05 21:53

developer   ~0030289

1. Summary column test note was supplied in Martin in 0008995:0030120 I have attached picture showing that no sample is shown.

2. There is no way that user test this and revert to Default, also if it is not needed why field is Drop down?

3. I agree, can you create new bug?


2012-02-05 21:53


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bug8995.jpg (98,199 bytes)