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0008678MediaMonkey (current)Tracklistpublic2011-12-16 00:21
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0.1 
Summary0008678: Column settings fail to persist for some users
DescriptionSome users in the forums have reported that changes to column configurations don't persist:

Link to a DB that exhibits this behavior provided below.
Additional InformationPosted MM3 DB associated with this problem to the ftp server
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Fixed in build1460


related to 0008632 closedLudek Changing Sort Order of Pre-populated playlists causes all tracks to disappear --> Playlists not limited by Type 



2011-11-10 02:19

administrator   ~0028769

According to the first forum post, it seems that changing the 'View as:' setting for all of the playlists to 'Entire Library' fixes the problem. This implies 2 issues:
1) on Upgrade from MM3 to MM4, some playlists are set to 'View as:' Music, and others to 'View as:' Entire library (confirmed by upgrading from MM3 to MM4). Not sure why this is the case.
2) for some reason, in some cases, when the user switches from a node1 to a playlist with a 'View as' setting that is the same as the node1, the column settings of the playlist override those of the node1. Note however, that although I was able to replicate this in bigbwb's DB, I was unable to do so on my own DB that had been upgraded from MM3 to MM4.


2011-11-10 14:06

developer   ~0028787

Re 1) It is about issue 0008632 where only these two playlists:
Favorites - 1 Audio CD Worth (74 minutes)
Favorites - 1 MP3 CD Worth (650 MB)
are classified as 'Music' otherwise we classify them as 'Entire Library'

Re 2) The user's DB is in a strange state, it looks like DB update 4,0,48 missed for him, we should try to obtain his MM.DB from version 3 and try to update it to version 4 to see if it is reproducable.


2011-11-10 14:12

administrator   ~0028788

1) It probably makes sense for all autoplaylists except:
'Last50 played' and 'Recently added' to be categorized as music.


2011-11-10 16:14

developer   ~0028795

Last edited: 2011-11-10 16:15

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Fixed in build 1459.

All playlists except for the 'Last 50 played' and 'Recently added' are set to 'View as: Music' (for regular playlist) or 'Search as: Music' (for auto-playlist) during MM3->MM4 update.


2011-11-10 16:18

administrator   ~0028796

Assigning to Rusty to get an MM3 DB re. Issue 2)


2011-11-10 16:25

developer   ~0028797

Last edited: 2011-11-10 16:29

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The issue 2) is fixed too, just needs to be verified with the user's DB, but there shouldn't be a problem.

Test note: need to test the MM3->MM4 DB upgrade, i.e. it doesn't affect existing MM4 playlists for obvious reasons


2011-11-10 23:31

administrator   ~0028813

Verified 1459.


2011-11-23 12:52

developer   ~0029052

There's a regression when editing columns in Entire Library.


2011-11-23 12:52

developer   ~0029053

Fixed in 1460


2011-12-16 00:21

developer   ~0029516

Verified 1461