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0008352MediaMonkey (current)Otherpublic2011-09-14 22:23
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0008352: Explorer integration: tracks are always added out of order (Windows 7 only)
DescriptionIn MM4, when the user right clicks on a set of tracks in Explorer > Play in Winamp/WMP --> the tracks play in the correct order in Winamp or WMP, beginning with the track that was right-clicked.

In MM 3.x, some users indicated that this also worked, though others indicated that it only worked when MM is run as Administrator.

In MM 4.x, this doesn't work at all--i.e. tracks are always added out of order.
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Fixed in build1432


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parent of 0008460 closedLudek Play Next/Play Last in explorer context menu results in 'Play now' (regression) 
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2011-09-09 19:38

administrator   ~0027530

I think that this must have worked sometimes, since we most likely sorted the source tracks by filename.


2011-09-12 11:17

developer   ~0027598

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This works fine for me:

1. Sorted tracks as A,B,C,D in the Windows explored
2. Right-clicked track A, selected 'Play in MediaMonkey' and it was added as A,B,C,D as expected
3. Right-clicked track B, selected 'Play in MediaMonkey' and it was added as B,C,D,A as expected

So what is wrong here? Isn't this just the test error as Lowlander stated here:

Tested on XP, Vista, Win7 and the behaviour is same with WMP.


2011-09-12 14:07

administrator   ~0027606

This should clarify:

Generated by MM Portable, on Win 7, running as a user with admin rights, using build 1430.


2011-09-12 15:16

developer   ~0027609

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You seem to be right, in Windows 7 the tracks are added out of order (Win XP works fine).

Problem is that in Win XP the files are sent at once via IDropTarget, but starting from Vista the files are sent as command line params.


2011-09-13 16:01

developer   ~0027669

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Fixed in build 1432.

Testing note: needs OS integration


2011-09-14 22:23

developer   ~0027712

Verified 1432