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0006949MediaMonkey (current)Main Panel/Toolbars/Menuspublic2010-12-23 02:20
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006949: 1155 Find more from Same > Year mislabelled
DescriptionMM tracks have no property called Year - it's called Date.

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Fixed in build1335



2010-12-12 13:13

developer   ~0021772

Fixed in 1335


2010-12-12 16:35

updater   ~0021774

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While it's true that there is no property for Year, there is also no tree node for Date. When using Find More from Same -> Year/Date, you're taken to a node displaying results from that _year_, and therefor Year seems more appropriate in that context.


2010-12-16 01:52

updater   ~0021860

What exactly was fixed in 1335? Looking in 1334, the entry on the Find More From Same menu is already labeled "Date"


2010-12-19 19:33

administrator   ~0021929

Re-opening for feedback. Ludek, can you clarify what change was made?


2010-12-19 20:17

updater   ~0021931

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I think I understand what occurred now that 1336 has been released. chrisjj reported that in 3.x FMFS -> Year was mislabeled because there's no Year property (it's Date in the properties and column) suggesting it should be "Date." However in 4.x, it was already labeled Date and based on this report, Ludek changed it back to Year.

As I previously commented, I think that "Year" fits best in the context of the FMFS feature (as that's exactly what it does, it brings you to that year's entry in the tree. The only way "Date" would really make sense is if the tree was changed to work with full dates and it took you to the specific date).


2010-12-20 10:19

developer   ~0021952

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Yes, I changed it back to "Year" in build 1335


2010-12-23 02:20

administrator   ~0022084

Verified 1339.