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0006469MediaMonkey (current)Playerpublic2020-01-07 10:41
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006469: Make WASAPI output plug-in default, with a fall-back to DS
DescriptionSince WASAPI plug-in currently replaces all the DS plug-in functionality, we should make it the default. In case it doesn't work (e.g. for Win XP), it should be automatically switched to out_DS.dll.
Additional InformationThe automatic switch to out_DS should happen in the main application (WinampPlugins.pas) whenever a call to Open() function of out_WASAPI fails. It should be hardcoded to out_DS.dll.
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Fixed in build1383


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2010-09-13 13:47

developer   ~0020520

Implemented in build 1312.

BUT, on WinXP I left 'out_MMDS.dll' as default output plugin, because XP users would be confused how it is possible that WASAPI doesn't fail on XP and silently switches to out_MMDS.
e.g. They would configure WASAPI to Crossfade 5 seconds, but in fact the out_MMDS would be used. This would be very confusing.
Therefore also the hardcoded fall-back is performed only on Vista and higher Win versions.


2010-12-12 06:02

developer   ~0021766

Verified 1334


2011-01-31 04:13

developer   ~0022711

XP users can currently enable WASAPI and nothing will play. It shouldn't be selectable if it doesn't work.


2011-01-31 12:55

developer   ~0022717

Last edited: 2011-01-31 12:56

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Fixed in build 1346,
the wasapi plugin node is now disabled on Win XP and lower


2011-02-01 16:13

developer   ~0022777

Verified in 1346


2011-05-31 15:15

administrator   ~0025795

As discussed offline, we should revert this fix. I.e. to make out_MMDS the default output plug-in and also to not use out_MMDS in case out_WASAPI fails.

This is part of remedy re. 0007327.


2011-06-01 12:18

developer   ~0025829

Reverted in build 1383.


2011-07-20 00:27

developer   ~0026928

Verified 1410