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0006387MediaMonkey (current)Playlist / Searchpublic2012-01-25 23:20
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006387: Old "Send to" playlist history entries persist after deleting playlist
DescriptionAt the right click > Send to > Playlist menu, MM provides a nice quick list of the recently sent to playlists. However, these playlist names can persist in the send to menu even after the playlist has been deleted from the library, which makes for a lot of confusion. The only way to clear out these last used playlists is to edit the MediaMonkey.ini file.

It would be preferable if when the playlist was deleted from the library, it's entry at the top of the send to menu (if it exists) was removed at that time.
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Fixed in build1465



2010-06-23 16:44

developer   ~0020283

I cannot reproduce the issue, are there any steps?

MM always removes the entry once corresponding playlist is deleted. This has always worked this way.


2010-06-23 16:48

developer   ~0020284

Ohh, it seems that the steps are:
1. Delete MM.DB, but leave there MediaMonkey.ini
2. Rescan MM.DB
=> old entries are there


2010-06-23 17:23

developer   ~0020285

Fixed in build 1308.

If the MM.DB is deleted then MM reads the entries form the MediaMonkey.ini, but before closing (when it writes the history list) it checks the playlist existence and writes only existing playlists to the MediaMonkey.ini.


2010-10-25 16:10

developer   ~0020971

verified 1318


2012-01-15 06:36

developer   ~0029880

On 1461, I've tested the following so far:

1) One Playlist was available under Send To
2) Add 3 new Playlists (Playlist A to C) and added tracks to each one of them
3) Closed MM and new Playlists show in ini (1)
4) Manually removed Playlist C
5) Closed MM and Playlist C is removed from ini, but original Playlist is duplicated in ini (2)
6) Run Clear DB (AV's occured again)
7) Closed MM, Playlists A & B still show in ini, despite not being in DB. Original Playlist also shows, but is still in DB despite Clear DB. (3)
8) Reinstated original DB and re-added tracks to Playlist A-C
9) Closed MM (4)
10) Removed MM.DB
11) Started and Closed MM (5)

(2) Duplication of Playlist in SendToPlstHist in ini
(3) Clear DB doesn't remove unavailable Playlists in SendToPlstHist in ini
(5) Removing DB doesn't remove unavailable Playlists in SendToPlstHist in ini


2012-01-16 01:30

developer   ~0029900

Fixed in build 1465.


2012-01-16 15:20

developer   ~0029906

Also test if count is updated correctly when verifying as this isn't happening according to ticket TKF-537988


2012-01-25 23:20

developer   ~0030085

Verified 1465