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0006366MediaMonkey (current)Podcastspublic2010-12-17 01:13
Status closedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006366: Podcasts: Support for "itunes:duration" metadata
DescriptionCurrently MediaMonkey doesn't read the "itunes:duration" tag from the feed and thus the info is missing for the not downloaded episodes presented as HTTP links.

Additional Information

The content of this tag is shown in the Time column in iTunes.

The tag can be formatted HH:MM:SS, H:MM:SS, MM:SS, or M:SS (H = hours, M = minutes, S = seconds). If an integer is provided (no colon present), the value is assumed to be in seconds. If one colon is present, the number to the left is assumed to be minutes, and the number to the right is assumed to be seconds. If more than two colons are present, the numbers furthest to the right are ignored.
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Fixed in build1307



2010-05-18 14:10

developer   ~0020165

Fixed in build 1307 and covered by DUnit tests.


2010-12-17 01:13

developer   ~0021880

Verified 1335