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0006329MediaMonkey (current)Podcastspublic2010-10-20 03:49
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2 
Target Version4.0Fixed in Version4.0 
Summary0006329: Better handling of podcast feeds with temporary wrong links
DescriptionI'm subscribed to several podcast. One feed (>> had temporary a wrong link to an mp3. I'd also find that out on the podcast's blog.

Unfortunately I (automatically) tried to download that file during the link was wrong and so I received the message "There was a problem downloading the following file(s): http://chaoradio..." in MM.

The podcasts link in the feed is fixed now by the producer, but MM still knows the wrong link only. And every time I update my podcasts I receive the a.m. message again.

The workaround is to unsubscribe the feed and add it again.
Additional InformationThis request came from one ticket (FDF-833265)
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Fixed in build1307



2010-04-20 01:57

developer   ~0020114

Last edited: 2010-04-20 01:57

Another bug to fix:

If user deletes an episode before downloading (in order to not download it) then MediaMonkey downloads it automatically even if "Show removed episode links" checkbox is unchecked. This shouldn't happen.


2010-06-03 13:36

developer   ~0020233

Both is fixed in build 1307.

MM now correctly updates modified links into DB based on the episode GUID.
MM downloads automatically only visible (not removed) episodes


2010-10-20 03:49

developer   ~0020873

Verified 1317