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0005814MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2013-12-11 09:41
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Fixed in Version4.1 
Summary0005814: Same-named playlist causes loss upon sync
DescriptionIf I sync a playlist having the same name but in a different parent folder as one already synced, the old list is lost - the new list is given the same name on the device and hence overwrites the old.

(Tested with d_USBMass1.DLL.)

Suggested fix:
a) Ideally use folders on the device (device permitting) or add a numeric suffix to the playlist name, failing which
b) Skip clashing playlists, alerting the user.
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Fixed in build1676



2010-07-02 23:04

developer   ~0020315

It probably would make sense to create the filename as
Playlist - Imported Playlists - ABBA - The Best.m3u
Playlist/Imported Playlists/ABBA/The Best.m3u
(based on the '[x] Organize Playlist using: [...]' settings)
for a playlist located in the tree as
Playlist -> Imported Playlists -> ABBA -> The Best


2011-04-13 09:59

updater   ~0024289

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> It probably would make sense to create the filename as
> Playlist - Imported Playlists - ABBA - The Best.m3u

I disagree, since that too could cause clashes because "-" is not reserved in playlist names.

> or Playlist/Imported Playlists/ABBA/The Best.m3u

That sounds good. Though I suggest it be optional, since it seems likely it is not compatible with all devices.

I suggest the best UI for this would be one like the existing "Sync tracks to:".


2013-12-05 19:00

developer   ~0038516

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Raised priority to 'urgent', this issue becomes problematic also with relation to MMA sync and this: Mark's request.


2013-12-07 14:30

developer   ~0038579

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Fixed in build 1676.

If there are 3 playlists with name 'MyPlaylist' on the sync-list, then 3 different playlist filenames are used:


2013-12-11 09:41

developer   ~0038688

Verified 1680