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0005499MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2009-05-01 20:54
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.1 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.1 
Summary0005499: Deleting playlists or adding a playlist causes deselection of 'Playlists' in auto-sync configuration
DescriptionRepro steps:
1) Check off '[x] Playlists' in the Auto-sync configuration tab, so that all child playlists are also selected. Save the device configuration.
2) In the MM tree, delete all playlists
3) Go back to the device configuration > Auto-sync > Playlists tab
--> [ ] Playlists is no longer selected!

Just because playlists don't exist at a particular point in time, is not a reason for the configuration to change.

Test Note: I didn't verify whether this same issue occurs on other tabs (e.g. podcasts), but it shouldn't.
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Fixed in build1242



2009-04-20 19:25

administrator   ~0017528

Raised to 'immediate' because the combination of this combined with 0005224 is quite annoying.


2009-04-21 11:11

developer   ~0017536

There are also some others problems.
e.g. for both 'Playlists' and 'All Podcasts' nodes the check state is not stored in DB which results in auto de-selecting them when a new podcast/playlist is added to DB.


2009-04-21 12:36

developer   ~0017537

Fixed in build 1238.


2009-04-22 18:46

developer   ~0017549

Verified 1238


2009-04-30 11:51

developer   ~0017630

Last edited: 2009-04-30 11:55

Re-opened because I found this has not been fully fixed.

For both playlists and podcasts following problem occurs:
If '[x] All Podcasts' checkbox is checked then any newly subscribed podcast is automatically ticked whenever the device configuration dilaog is opened, but in case the device config dialog hasn't been opened then the new podcast is not auto-added to the sync list and therefore is not synced until the dialog is opened.

Fixed in build 1242.


2009-05-01 20:54

administrator   ~0017657

Verified 1242 by chrisjj.