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0000513MediaMonkey (current)Playerpublic2010-12-23 23:46
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Target VersionFixed in Version4.0 
Summary0000513: Add Video support to MediaMonkey
DescriptionFor the 2.1 release we may want to consider adding Video support because:
1) It wouldn't require that many changes in the db
2) Other Media organizers (MS/Winamp) support video
I don't think this _needs_ to be in the release, but I wanted to note down my thoughts about some of the functionality for discussion.

Changes required:
1) Bundle vid4wa, and install by default (we'd need to get permission)
2) We'd need to ask the authors of vid4wa to change some of the default shortcuts included with the plugin, and modify the border
3) Library would become 'Audio Library', and Playlists would move to the last Audio Library subnode.
   -A new node for 'Video Library' would have to be created.
   -Video Library would initially contain 2 subnodes: Location and Title (new icons needed)
   -New properties for videos would have to be decided upon, and be reflected in the Tracklist, and the Properties dialog (optional).
   -The scan dialog would have to be divide up into 2 sections: Audio and Video formats
   -New toolbar entry for shortcut to Video Library titles (and possibly a hotkey)
   -New www nodes for movies (these should probably be integrated into the search command as per bug #95)
   -Modify the search panels based on the new properties
Note: The following aren't supported, implying associated changes to context menus: Playlists, Previews, VCD, Rip, Auto-Tag, Auto-rename, Synchronize (initially all properties to be stored in the DB), Analyze volume. At a later time, we could consider adding some of the functions above.
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Fixed in build1300



2003-09-03 18:55

administrator   ~0002250

2 useful links about video on WA:,6684561~root=sware~mode=flat


2003-10-27 21:14

administrator   ~0002671

Last edited: 2010-02-23 03:17

I think it would be worthwhile to add basic video functionality in the 2.2 release. Raising to urgent on the assumption that the basic functionality would be easy to implement.

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2010-10-28 03:02

developer   ~0021038

Basic video support is already added in build 1300, specific issues will be tracked in other tickets.