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0002915MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2021-01-15 16:20
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Target Version5.1 
Summary0002915: 'Sort by' field for Artist / Album Artist / Album
DescriptionA number of users have asked for a Sort by field that would allow them to define a custom means of sorting the Artist, Album Artist and Album field.

Whether this is more critical for Artist or Album Artist is unclear, especially considering that Artist can have > 1 attribute.

Presumably this would be saved to a tag (e.g. ARTISTSORT, ALBUMARTISTSORT, TSOP... see: )

This requirement can also be lessened via support for more custom fields which users can use for this purpose. Consequently, setting this as low priority for now (on the assumption that we will add more custom fields).
Additional InformationTicket: ETI-285372, PND-768-70385, TAD-266-35308
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related to 0013031 assignedmichal MediaMonkey 4 f_aac: m4a tracks created for sync with Sony Players using MediaGo do not work correctly  
has duplicate 0009064 closedrusty MediaMonkey 5 Add ARTISTSORT tag 



2016-06-21 07:50

developer   ~0045014

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It is also related to 0013031 - it seems, no support of sort fields can cause functionality problems for some Sony players.
Note, these field are used also in MP4/M4A format:
(iTunes tags Sort Name - sonm, Sort Artist - soar, Sort Album Artist - soaa, Sort Album - soal, Sort Composer - soco, Sort Show - sosn)


2017-09-11 07:29

administrator   ~0048687

Rusty, we probably could add this in MM5.1 in order to support all the standards. While this field is probably useless for most users, it might be useful in some specific cases.