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0002464MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2009-03-20 03:47
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Fixed in Version3.1 
Summary0002464: Support external memory cards on MTP devices
DescriptionSome MTP devices such as the Rio S50 support external compact flash/microSD memory cards, however, users have indicated tha MM only recognizes the Main Memory and not the external flash memory.

We should add support for this as such devices (including phones) are becoming increasingly common.
Additional Information
Fixed in build1200


related to 0012997 closedLudek USB Sync do not get correct Storage names 



2006-12-11 14:28

administrator   ~0008260

Assigning to Rusty to review support questions and find out a device that most often doesn't work correctly and that should be bought for Jiri for testing/development.


2007-01-18 18:23

administrator   ~0008457

Assigning to Jiri to check out with the Sansa player he has.


2008-12-04 20:07

administrator   ~0015389

Fixed in build 1200.

There are actually two possible issues with d_WMDM.dll plug-in:

1. When the connected device is in MTP mode.
2. When the connected device is in MS mode.

I confirmed the problem 2. on my Sansa e250 and it's fixed now. As for 1., I don't have a device supporting showing both memories in MTP mode, so I don't know whether such problem really exists. In case it does, we can reopen this later.


2009-03-20 03:47

developer   ~0017153

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