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0017402MediaMonkey 5Install/Configpublic2021-01-18 17:49
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0.1 
Summary0017402: Portable mode: should not automatically make system changes
DescriptionWhen the user runs the MM5 installer it automatically prompts "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?", and if the user clicks 'No' then the installer is halted. This shouldn't occur if the user is attempting to install MM5 in portable mode.

Ludek indicated that this behavior is probably due to 0015176 (the need for firewall configuration), but even so, the preferred approach (in the case of a portable install) would be allow the user to optionally trigger this (e.g. 'Set firewall' either in the installer OR in MM itself) so that escalation doesn't happen automatically.
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related to 0015176 closedLudek Playing from portable version to a renderer may fail (as portable version doesn't auto-conf firewall) 
related to 0017209 closedLudek UAC prompt is shown after every re-install (also in Portable mode) 



2021-01-18 17:48

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If the UAC is prompted directly in the installer then it cannot be due to 0015176. As the firewall settings is created only once media sharing is started. i.e. after MM start and going through the first time wizard without disabling sharing