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0001552MediaMonkey 4Framework: Scripts/Extensionspublic2008-12-06 22:17
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Summary0001552: COM Object features
DescriptionThese have all been requested by Peke. Please comment as to whether you'd like to include these in 2.3 or not.

VbScript/COMObject Features:
1. Feature: Playing time of current song
   Example: SDB.Player.Playtime in MiliSeconds relative to song playing time/position

2. Feature: OnCloseEvent for Auto Scripts
   Example: If user wants to write something to registry on MM close, like index of last played song before close

3. Feature: Abbility to set bolded track (Current Song) in now playing
   Example: SDB.Player.SetCurrentSong(SongIndex), SongIndex is parsed as Integer
4. Feature: Abbility to read Info from File externaly
   Example: This will gave ability for user to read SongData from file that is not in Lib e.i. c:\mp3\Test.mp3 SDB.ReadFileInfo(FileName as String) Return Songdata as Object
5. Feature: Same as Above but to Write songData to File
   Example: SDB.WriteFileInfo(Songdata as Object) Return 1 if Succesed and -1 if not. Possible use for it in Context menu of Explorer like 'Reatag File in MM' or Context Sub Menu with TrackInfo.
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Fixed in build



2008-12-06 14:03

administrator   ~0015451

These features were already added in the past.


2008-12-06 22:17

developer   ~0015499

Closing all were added in later versions