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0001471MediaMonkey 4Framework: Scripts/Extensionspublic2008-12-07 04:35
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Summary0001471: Make script addition user friendly
DescriptionCurrently, the process of adding script-based functionality to MM is developer friendly, but not friendly for the average user who isn't comfortable with editing script configuration files.

I would suggest that the process of adding a script should be as easy as adding a plugin. i.e. the user copies the script to the scripts folder and then in the Plugins/Scripts configuration pane, the user configures the script (i.e. sets order and location).

Setting this as urgent as part of the package of development-related features being added to this version of MM.
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2004-07-06 21:02

administrator   ~0004337

I suppose that scripts won't be distributed as text files but rather as installable executables. These installers would take care of everything (copying the script to a correct location, add .ini file entries, etc.). The only drawback is that these installers would be 200-300kB (using InnoSetup), but maybe it can be decreased somehow.


2004-07-07 11:34

administrator   ~0004350

Do you really expect that someone like lowlander or jaxjon who writes a script to e.g. randomly play albums is going to spend time learning how to package the script with innosetup?


2004-07-07 12:22

administrator   ~0004354

1. Yes, I think they would do it particularly for more complex/more useful scripts. It is very simple and if I create a template for script installers creation they could make they own ready in less than 5 minutes.

2. Currently only scripts that add menu entries need to add entries to scripts.ini file, they new types of scripts (e.g. for adding new tree nodes) are only copied to Scripts\Auto folder and that's all.


2008-12-06 14:05

administrator   ~0015452

Already fixed by Extension installers.