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0014548MediaMonkey (current)Properties/Auto-Toolspublic2018-03-30 20:20
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Target Version4.1.21Fixed in Version 
Summary0014548: Auto Organize rules: Do not Trigger after manual Auto-Organize
DescriptionAuto-Organize rules are not checked after manual Auto-Organize of existing files in library if they were in excluded folder as Manual Auto Organize rule is not considered Edit or Scan (even folder is added to Scan continuously File Monitor).

After Manual Auto-Organize MMW should force trigger check of Auto-Organize rules.

Current workaround is to either scan Manual Auto Organize Destination Folder or have that folder Monitored on startup and restart MMW (F5 folder refresh also do not trigger Auto-Organize rules).
Steps To ReproduceSteps to reproduce from MCU-627-54238
1. Crete new Auto organize rule
2. select Collections
3. Enable Auto Organize files on Scan/edit
4. Scan folder that comply the rule it fail to Organize
5. Open created rule
6. expand Collection and All collections are unchecked

Picture attached.
Additional InformationAYC-709-20108

MCU-627-54238 (issue Moved to 0014704)
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Fixed in build


related to 0014704 closedLudek Auto-organize Rule: Selecting All Collection as Auto-Organize Rule Fail Always 



2017-11-17 16:13

developer   ~0049198

Last edited: 2017-11-17 16:14

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Assigned to Rusty for a review, but I would say that the current behaviour is rather desirable and not considered as a bug?

In any way sounds like a minor issue, if we want to change this long standing behaviour somehow then I would suggest change it directly in MM5 so that it get can extensive testing and feedback during the MM5 beta cycle.


2018-03-28 10:50

developer   ~0049820

New development, looks like auto Organize is not triggered at all in some cases.


2018-03-28 10:56

developer   ~0049821

More pictures are in Ticket MCU-627-54238 and Uploaded on FTP a LOG file with steps:
1. Open MMW
2. Navigate Monitored, Auto-Organized Folder
3. Checked Options for Auto-Organize
4. Re-scan folder (INS on one of files, Monitor is enabled)
5. Nothing Happened
6. Selected Files in folder -> Right Click -> Auto-Organize (Pic Attached) -> Cancel
7. Closed MMW
8. LOG Saved

NOTE: Files Are in ONE DRIVE Folder, but that should not be a problem.


2018-03-30 17:06

developer   ~0049832

Peke, in the provided log on the FTP I see messages like:
Auto-Organizer : Track doesn't satisfy rule:All Collections; C:\Users\sasha\OneDrive - Mellanox\Documents\Music\MM Library\<Album Artist>\<Year> - <Album>\<Title>

Please check what is the 'All Collections' auto organize rule and why the track doesn't match the rule.


2018-03-30 18:20

developer   ~0049833

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Updated Steps to reproduce I can reproduce it each time and at step 6 all collections should be selected by default.

'All Collections' auto organize rule should only watch if Track is in Library and execute Organize rule?


2018-03-30 19:29

developer   ~0049836

As talked offline non related parts moved to 0014704