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0013861MediaMonkey 5Taggingpublic2017-01-16 02:26
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Summary0013861: Crash after Auto-Tag from Web
DescriptionThere is a crash after using Auto-tag from a web on an album.

I see the crash too.
Must be a recent regression related to 0013678.

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Log ID 4118D8C3
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Fixed in build2058


child of 0013678 closedpetr Add artwork dialog is missing (can't apply artwork to all tracks on an album, or label an image) 



2017-01-02 16:29

developer   ~0046821

It was caused by Petr by adding this line:

uitools.editCoverProperties(origTrack, cover, true);

to dlgAutoTagFromWeb.js in course of 0013678

I commented the line and see several issues before adding it back:

1) This way the add artwork dialog would be shown for _each_ track. It should be shown only once for whole the album (as in MM4)
2) There is a leak in the uitools.editCoverProperties because of usage of track.keepCoverList = true. It should be replaced by keeping the reference to the track.coverList and null the reference in the resolver of editCoverProperties .


2017-01-02 16:31

developer   ~0046823

Resolved and tracked in the original issue: 0013678:0046822


2017-01-16 02:26

developer   ~0046968

Verified 2058