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0013591MediaMonkey (current)Burning / Disc Handlingpublic2017-02-13 11:01
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
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Target Version5.0.0 
Summary0013591: Option to supress Windows sleep while playing
DescriptionCurrently computer sleep is supressed only while burning CD/DVD, synchronizing device or serving DLNA (not when just playing local content).
Some users are requesting an option to prevent computer from sleeping during playback.

Workaround is to play the local content from the MediaMonkey server (when port is set 4000).
Additional InformationDDT-744-11307

Workaround is to play the local content from the MediaMonkey server (when port is set 4000).
Go to Options > Media Sharing > [server] > Change IP port to 4000
Go to node 'Media Servers' and you will see your server now and can play the local content "externally" via UPnP/DLNA
This will prevent computer from sleeping.


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Fixed in build


related to 0011043 closedLudek When burning, the computer can fall to sleep -> resulting in failed burn 
related to 0011104 closedLudek Windows goes to sleep mode while playing to external DLNA renderer 



2016-10-11 14:34

developer   ~0045897

Assigned to Rusty for triage / UI suggestion


2016-10-11 16:58

administrator   ~0045899

I expect that if the PC is being used for streaming by a machine that has been granted access then it shouldn't go to sleep while streaming is in progress (i.e. no UI required).

This could be problematic for some users, though, who grant access indistriminately, and will not understand why their PC isn't going to sleep, so a UI option may be needed for such cases.

e.g. Tools > Options > Media Sharing
[x] Prevent sleep mode while streaming

(enabled by default)


2016-10-11 19:06

developer   ~0045901

This issue isn't about streaming. For streaming we have already added this "feature" in the past as 0011104.

This issue is about playing local content, i.e. user from DDT-744-11307 is requesting an option to prevent computer from sleeping even if a _local_ file is played. At least this is my understanding.


2016-10-31 17:40

developer   ~0046062

Another request in AMY-189-10655 on Surface.


2016-10-31 18:06

administrator   ~0046063

As far as I'm concerned, any app that is playing music/video should by default not allow the computer to fall asleep (I don't think that a config option is even required).

Frankly, i'm surprised that this was only reported recently--makes me think that it's either related to a Windows system change or a change in MMW.


2016-11-01 15:16


PowerOptions.png (43,906 bytes)   
PowerOptions.png (43,906 bytes)   


2016-11-01 15:30

developer   ~0046071

Last edited: 2016-11-01 15:32

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I don't think that playing audio files only should prevent computer from sleeping.

It should be up to the user to configure this.

But Peke is right that user can configure this in Power Options (see attached screenshot).

According to my tests the Multimedia settings works correctly (but tested just briefly on Windows 7 and MP3 format only).

Assigned to Peke to test and ensure that all media formats played by MediaMonkey respect this settings as they should (also on Win 10 anniversary ).


2016-11-01 16:02

administrator   ~0046073

afaik, the advanced config dialog only allows the user to configure sleep behavior for:
- multimedia sharing
- video playback
But perhaps peke will find that it works for audio as well.

If not, my feeling is that there may be a small percentage of users that want their machine to go to sleep during audio/video playback, but I expect it's smaller than the number of users that are annoyed by a device going to sleep during playback (note: with MMA there hasn't been any pushback on the behavior that I'm describing). But if we don't agree, we can spec a new UI.


2017-02-13 11:01

administrator   ~0047265

Per IM discussion, we don't actually need to suppress sleep, but rather to let the playback continue in the sleep mode, which is probably possible by using . Petr will look into it.