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0013381MediaMonkey (current)Playerpublic2016-07-28 00:05
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.1.10 
Target Version4.1.14Fixed in Version4.1.14 
Summary0013381: Seekbar is sometimes jumping backwards and forwards, when seeking MP3 or M4A by numpad keys
DescriptionWhen using numpad keys for skipping forward by 5s in MP3 or M4A file, the seekbar sometimes jump backwards for a fraction of second. And vice versa for skipping backwards.
It happens only sometimes, some specific timing is needed. It probably can be reproduced with seeking by mouse too, but with keypad it is easier.
Steps To Reproduce1) set PlaybackControl=3 in MediaMonkey.ini
2) play MP3 file
3) press numpad "3/PgDn" key several times
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Fixed in build1802


related to 0013333 closedmichal Distorted sound while seeking MP3 or M4A 



2016-06-24 15:25

developer   ~0045044

It is related to seeking issue in 0013333. It seems, MediaFoundation used currently for MP3 playback in Windows 7+ has sometimes some delay before updating time during seek. Will look for some fix/workaround.


2016-06-25 09:19

developer   ~0045048

Fixed in build 1802.


2016-07-28 00:05

developer   ~0045239

Verified 1802