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0013248MediaMonkey for AndroidGeneralpublic2016-11-11 18:05
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.1.3 
Target Version1.3.0Fixed in Version1.2.0 
Summary0013248: Menu Button doesn't appear on some devices
DescriptionThere is some phone manufacturers that allow customization of software buttons to MMA detects that menu button is available and omits showing it on MMA screen.

It could be useful to add "Always show menu button in options" or add options to MMA home screen in cases like these

One of devices that is known to have customization of buttons is
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Fixed in build619



2016-05-23 20:59

developer   ~0044709

I think that we should add the button for all devices 5.0+. The standard navigation bar layout doesn't include MENU button any more and new MMA UI will not hide the menu too.

It is also weird to put visibility of MENU to MENU - because it become inaccessible when user disables it.

I also suggest to include it to 1.2.0 or 1.2.1 as it is simple and might be quite annoying on some devices...2.0 will use different design.


2016-05-23 21:54

administrator   ~0044710

Last edited: 2016-05-23 21:55

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Considering that the problem already occurs on 2 devices, we should include this in 1.2.0. I agree with Marek that no settings are required.


2016-05-24 19:42

developer   ~0044735

So I was wrong. Material design can work with MENU button too.

I have found out that it is a known bug only on OnePlus devices. So we can workaround it and show it always only on OnePlus devices. Otherwise, there is system function that should work fine for other devices.

Btw. long press of WINDOW button behaves like old MENU button too. But in this case: the three dots icon has to be displayed. This icon is hidden only if PERMANENT MENU BUTTON is available.

I asked for log so we can identify the OnePlus devices and show the menu.


2016-06-15 14:36

administrator   ~0044953

Apparently this issue affects some other devices as well e.g. Polaroid A4.
Report at: FVN-718-70128

This complicates things because it means that there we'd have to identify every device that has this problem. Unfortunately, Peke's original idea of:
 [ ] Always show menu button

probably wouldn't work, because the user wouldn't have access to the menu in order to enable it!


2016-06-16 12:34

developer   ~0044955

It is fixed in build 605 for OnePlus devices

But it us really hard to fix it when it depends on system function that is not reliable for some devices.

Btw we use this method:


2016-06-16 13:07

developer   ~0044956

I have created a special build for the user and asked him for the log


2016-06-17 10:00

developer   ~0044960

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Fixed in build 605

Added workaround for Polaroid devices


2016-06-17 21:52

developer   ~0044973

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To make things easier to access things like these I was wondering if we could add ABOUT dialog to TAP on MMA Icon on Main Screen.

That would also speed up log sending?


2016-06-28 23:42

developer   ~0045058

Verified 607


2016-07-05 20:55

developer   ~0045089

Additional report on Alcatel Pixi 4 with latest firmware


2016-08-30 18:57

administrator   ~0045520

Similar request for the Meizu M2 Note:


2016-10-14 00:08

developer   ~0045929

New report on Axon 7 Device


2016-10-26 14:40

developer   ~0046029

New report on Meizu M3S


2016-10-31 09:35

developer   ~0046059

Fixed in build 619

There are so many devices with this issue.. so I decided to show the menu button always....


2016-11-11 18:05

developer   ~0046135

Verified 620