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0013246MediaMonkey for AndroidDBpublic2017-04-26 01:20
Reportermarek Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.0 
Target Version1.3.0Fixed in Version1.3.0 
Summary0013246: Rework the way how the path to file is stored to DB and preferences
DescriptionWe currently use the standard path like:

But this form of path to file has some shortcomings:
1. It cannot be used for USB mounted drives that doesn't have any mount point
2. The path can change once the Android is upgraded and it is quite hard to detect it and update DB correctly
3. Multiple storages can be mounted to same mountpoint

Since Android 5.0, google started to use Document ID, which is specific form of path:
12AB-CD34:Music/Some artist/,
where 12AB-CD34 is UID of storage and it is unique for each storage (even different SD cards and USB flashdisks). The rest of Document ID ('Music/Some artist/') is relative path on storage.

So it is much more universal and it solves all three shortcomings of standard path. We are already using it everywhere (in 1.2.0). It is only not used in our DB and preferences.

The only shortcoming of Document ID is that the storage UID is not available on pre-Lollipop devices. But this can be workarounded by simple replacement of UID with specific form of storage root path that will look like UID (already implemented in 1.2.0):

/storage/sdcard/Music/Artist -> storage-sdcard:Music/Artist

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Fixed in build676


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2016-04-27 11:39

developer   ~0044512

Other needed changes:
a) DeviceConfigProvider should accept UID instead of root path
b) rework storageInfo.xml as described in 0013247


2016-10-10 08:55

developer   ~0045874

Fixed in build


2016-11-29 17:03

developer   ~0046306

There were still issues with processing path in build 653

 - processing of artworks
 - deletion of media files

Fixed in build 654


2016-12-01 15:02

developer   ~0046349

reopen After clean install of MMA 654 and restart LG verizon do not see SDCard where reinstalling 653 sdcard is back on list
653 log: 7UXHAL1Z73 desc: sdcard653
654 log: ZNY58SJPFZ desc: sdcard654


2016-12-01 15:07

developer (166,472 bytes)


2016-12-03 07:30

developer   ~0046382

I have fixed one issue in storage processing in build 655

But there is still some suspicious behaviour (even in 653). The storage is sometimes recognised as SAF storage in Android 4.4. That is not possible. SAF is supported since 5.0. I have added some logs. So please test it and send logs (from this LG device) even if it looks like working.


2016-12-03 09:31

developer   ~0046383

Even I'm now capable to browse and add folders to Library after sync tracks are not available and ther was loading screens not stopping till I exit the folder on SD card.

Logs are sent along with ids to IM.


2016-12-12 13:33

developer   ~0046473

Peke indicated that it is fixed.

It was probably caused by some old data from previous build. We should not use builds 650 - 654. It can corrupt the settings. Upgrade from 1.2.0 should be tested instead.


2016-12-14 03:02

developer   ~0046499

Verified 656

Confirming Upgrading from 1.2.0 to 650-654 and then to 656 always corrupt settings.

Problem is raised as on some devices like LG Verzion on android 4.4.2 SDcard/MediaMonkey/MediaInfo.xml got corrupted and could not be refreshed/cleaned due LG customization to override SDCard permission limitations in 4.4.x systems.


2017-01-24 19:19

developer   ~0047058

Last edited: 2017-01-24 19:19

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In build 665, there are following issues:

1. When tracks with failed artworks are deleted, app crashes on next start
2. Upload of tracks during wifi sync can fail - when using SAF api
3. M3U files are stored incorrectly - paths has to be converted from document ID to absolute path
4. Tracks that are on unmounted storages cannot be deleted


2017-01-26 10:20

developer   ~0047081

Fixed in build 666


2017-01-27 22:11

developer   ~0047106

Verified 667

Tested with clean and upgrade from 1.2.0 -> to see if Both Internal and SDcards (where available) sync work and that all tracks are scanned no matter if they are existing or synced.
Test cases:
LG Verizon 4.4.4 = passed Done three tests and in the past due the hybrid approach SDCard tracks were not in library on scan
Asus MemoPad 7 HD 4.1.2 = Passed
ZTE Blade Q 4.2.2 = Passed
Nexus 7 2012 CM13 = Passed (Internal only and browsing USB)
Nexus 7 2013 6.0.1 = Passed (Internal only)
Moto G LTE 5.1
HTC Desire 820 6.0.1


2017-02-07 08:10

developer   ~0047212

Re verified 671


2017-02-07 18:15

administrator   ~0047221

Tested 671 with Nexus 5x:

1. Track deletion - OK

2. Upload of track from MMA to MMW fails!
1 Copied Ed Sheeran - Shape of You to device (/Download/Music)
2 Added /Download/Music to the MMA library
3 Verified that the file appeared and plays in MMA
4 Updated the sync profile to sync bi-directionally to /Users/Russell/Downloads (and included the /Download/Music directory from the device)
5 Initiated wi-fi sync
--> track fails to copy!

3. OK


2017-02-07 21:18

developer   ~0047222

Fixed in build 672

There was deprecated SQL query generator that didn't work with document ids. Fixed and added tests for this generator.


2017-02-08 05:46

administrator   ~0047224

Verified 672.


2017-02-23 17:57

developer   ~0047336

Media from remote paths(Wifi sync) are deleted on update do documentId path format when storage is not available.
Request to keep these media in database.
Show paths of such media in Options/Choose library folders.


2017-02-23 17:58

developer   ~0047337

Fixed in build


2017-02-23 17:59

developer   ~0047338

Fixed SQLiteException in special case
in build


2017-03-13 22:26

developer   ~0047476

Verified 679


2017-04-23 07:57

developer   ~0047826

Fixed in build 695

List of all folders (including old folders) was obtained incorrectly. Tests were updated to work with current implementation.


2017-04-26 01:20

developer   ~0047854

Verified 695