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0013235MediaMonkey 4Codecpublic2021-06-29 11:04
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.7 
Target Version4.1.12Fixed in Version4.1.12 
Summary0013235: Include ALAC support within MMW
DescriptionCurrently to play ALAC files, users have to either install Quicktime or purchase the codec pack to get ALAC support (ALAC support isn't included by MS AAC, but is included within f_aac which is part of the codec pack).

Given recent security issues with Quicktime (apple is no longer updating it), this is problematic since the only secure way for users to play ALAC files is to pay for the codec pack--despite the fact that it's an open source codec!

Michal recommended splitting ALAC support from f_aac_codec to a free plugin, included in standard installation.

Other required changes:
- update to license.txt
- update to web description of codec pack
- update to codec pack?
- update to web site re. codec links from MMW client?

With this new plugin we will be able to do the following in a standard installation (without Quicktime or the paid version of the codec pack):
- play the majority of M4A (aac) files using the MS AAC decoder as before. Not all, though, since MS AAC has limitations ( such as not supporting AAC in Main Profile--in such cases the codec pack or quicktime are required.
- play all M4A (alac) files
- encode M4A (alac)
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Fixed in build1789


parent of 0013249 closedLudek MediaMonkey 4 Auto Convert: Apple devices lossless conversion profile 
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2016-04-20 18:01

developer   ~0044475

New f_alac_encdec plugin added to build 1788, it can be tested. It supports 16 bit ALAC decoding and encoding. I think, we should add support also for 24 and 32 bit ALAC, it is not so widespread, but should be supported too. So leaving issue open.
Codec pack (f_aac_codec) not affected yet, it can coexist for a while, I think.


2016-04-25 08:07

developer   ~0044493

New ALAC decoder implemented in build 1789. It should support all ALAC formats (16/20/24/32 bit ALAC in MP4/M4A container).
Rusty please update the license for ALAC encoder/decoder -
Codec pack not affected, I think, it is not needed now.


2016-04-25 21:38

administrator   ~0044495

License updated for build 1789.


2016-04-26 21:38

developer   ~0044501

Verified 1789